Turnkey Systems for Stereo Investigator

We work closely with you to choose the best hardware for each new system, ensuring optimal performance to help you achieve your research goals within your budget. Our software can integrate with most existing microscopes if you already own microscope equipment, or we can provide you with all the hardware components.

Stereo Investigator is designed to operate on a wide variety of microscopes and hardware commonly used in laboratories. This versatility allows customization of your research system to fit your exact needs and budget.

Listed below are several products compatible with our software. We encourage you to call us at 802.288.9290 or email us at info@mbfbioscience.com with any questions, as the functionality of the system and the hardware needed is dependent on your research goals.

Stereo Investigator System Components:

Supported Hardware

Microscopes (both manual and fully motorized): Zeiss, Nikon, Leica, Olympus
Digital cameras: Hamamatsu, Q Imaging, Optronics, Cooke, Photometrics, MBF, Olympus, Leica, Zeiss, DVC, hundreds of Firewire camera models
Video cameras: Most legacy NTSC or PAL video cameras
Motorized XY stages: Ludl, Märzhäuser, Objective Imaging, Prior, ASI, Zeiss
Focus encoders: Heidenhain, Boeckeler
Laser scanning confocal microscopes: Full integration: Zeiss LSMs

Semi integration: Nikon, Leica, Olympus Fluoview, SAR Procyon laser illuminator
Structured illumination hardware: ApoTome, ApoTome II, Qioptiq Optigrid, Olympus DSU, BD Biosciences CARV-II
Vibration isolation platforms: Vistek, Newport
External motorized filter wheels/shutters: Ludl, Prior, Uniblitz, Sutte
Digitizing data & video tablets: Wacom


We can provide you with a complete turn-key system solution, ensuring maximum performance, reliability, and ease-of-use. We stand fully behind every system we sell.

Stereo Investigator is available in two separate configurations:

  • Standard – controls microscope hardware (and includes support for working with images or Biolucida)
  • Workstation – does not include hardware control (for working with image files or Biolucida)


Supported Microscope Hardware

We work closely with the leading global hardware manufacturers to ensure seamless integration with our software. In addition to working with all manual model microscopes, we directly control all of the motorized components of current model microscopes from Zeiss, Olympus, Leica, and Nikon. Our software directly controls these features to offer you a seamless, efficient, and productive working environment.  When working with multi-channel fluorescence microscopy, we automate many of the functions of a microscope to dramatically reduce the amount of work that you need to do, such as automatically changing the fluorescence filters and opening and closing the shutter. Please contact us for specific model information.

Although we support a wide range of hardware, certain hardware configurations are not appropriate for some applications. We recommend that you contact us for details.


Motorized Stages

Stereo Investigator is most productive and efficient with a three-axis motor driven microscope stage. The software automatically maintains the registration of the graphics overlay with the microscope image when the stage is moved, allowing for integration of multiple fields of view. This feature ensures the fastest and most accurate data acquisition from objects larger than a single field of view.


Digital Cameras

We support the world leading manufacturers of scientific grade digital cameras. We help you chose the model that is most effective for your use–from real-time color cameras for brightfield microscopy to state-of-the-art cooled, high sensitivity cameras for dim fluorescence microscopy. We can also configure systems with dual cameras to optimally support the widest range of specimens – from brightfield microscopy through structured illumination fluorescence microscopy.


Specialized Microscope Hardware: motorized external filter wheels, shutters and illumination devices

When working with multi-channel fluorescence microscopy we automate many of the functions of a microscope to dramatically reduce the amount of work that you need to do, such as changing fluorescence filters and opening and closing the shutter. We can add automatic, motorized devices to most existing manual microscopes.



We are an authorized reseller of Dell computers, monitors and peripherals. We can easily work with you to ensure a complete, customized, economical integrated solution.

The recommended computer configuration includes: PC with Intel Core i7, Microsoft Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit*) Windows 8  (32 or64 bit*), 12 GB or more RAM (minimum 2GB), 100 GB or larger hard drive (minimum 40GB), and dual monitors (24” 1920×1200).

*For 64-bit, we include a true 64-bit application with signed 64-bit drivers, allowing the loading of much larger 3D image stacks, images and videos.

For more information about Stereo Investigator, call us at 802.288.9290 or request a price quotation through our website.