Versatile spinning disk confocal microscope system ideal for fast, large-scale, multichannel 2D and 3D whole slide imaging
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Product Overview

Vesalius is a versatile, cost-effective, confocal microscope system that is ideal for fast, large-scale, multi-channel 2D and 3D whole slide imaging of slide mounted specimens.  Capture stunning images of thick or thin tissue samples, with customizable imaging options at speeds that are 10x faster than conventional laser scanning confocal microscopes and more than 100x faster than grid-based structured illumination. Benefit from high signal-to-noise ratio, minimal photobleaching, and eliminate out-of-focus planes, all while maximizing your productivity and budget with the fastest and most versatile confocal imaging system available.

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Key Benefits

The Vesalius system (developed in concert with CrestOptics) is the perfect tool for fast, multi-channel confocal image acquisition of large tissue specimens, including mouse, rat and non-human primate. Vesalius is easy to use and substantially reduces the time needed for image acquisitions compared to conventional confocal imaging systems, with no compromise in image quality.

Combine MBF Bioscience award-winning image analysis software, using the latest AI technology, with your Vesalius system to perform complex quantitative image analyses such as automated cell counting, neuron reconstruction and dendritic spine detection, as well as our gold-standard stereological analysis solutions.

You can include powerful analysis tools with your customized Vesalius system:

    • Automated cell detection and rapid stereological analysis in 2D and 3D images (Cellairus®)
    • Trusted stereological analysis (Stereo Investigator®)
    • Assembly of full-resolution 3D images from 2D serial-section image data (BrainMaker®)
    • Automated neuron tracing and quantitative analysis (Neurolucida 360®)
    • Automated vessel tracing and quantitative analysis (Vesselucida 360®)


Vesalius can also be fully integrated with existing MBF Bioscience microscopy systems, including Stereo Investigator® and Neurolucida®.  Acquire vast amounts of data from standard slides, expansion microscopy, or cleared tissue and analyze it with our software solutions that are developed for neuroscience research in collaboration with experts in the advanced-microscopy research community.


Acquisition speed over 1,000 fps on full Field of View (25mm)

Axial resolution (FWHM): ~600nm depending on objective lens

Image Depth: up to ~200um

FOV Field of view up to 25mm

Linear encoded motorized stage for the greatest accuracy and flexibility

Wide range of illumination sources (laser or LEDs, up to 7 excitation wavelengths from 390nm-750nm)

Spinning disk geometry (diamater/spacing)
    • 50/250 slit for high throughput & live imaging applications
    • 50/250 µm pinholes optimized for LASER light source
    • 60/220 µm pinholes optimized for LED light source
    • Custom geometry and double pattern disks available on demand


    • Lateral Resolution (FWHM): ~230 nm (High NA 1.4)
    • Axial Resolution (FWHM): ~600 nm (High NA 1.4)

Interested in Upgrading your Existing Stereo Investigator or Neurolucida system?

Learn more about upgrading your existing Stereo Investigator or Neurolucida system with Vesalius for true, high-speed, high-throughput confocal stereology, and to analyze vast amounts of high-resolution data with our latest AI technology.


Learn more about how we can custom configure a new Vesalius spinning disk confocal microscope specifically for your research needs

Don’t settle for an out-of-the-box microscope that costs too much and doesn’t meet all of your needs. Maximize your budget with the most versatile system available without paying for features you don’t need.


The Vesalius enables a dynamic widefield/confocal transition and true Z optical sectioning in a single click.

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Human iPS derived motoneurons

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Neuron cell imaged at 100x

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Human iPSC derived motoneurons. 60x oil

Cited in Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

MBF’s utility is underscored by the number of references it receives in the worlds most important scientific publications.

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