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Hardware and Software Control for Large-Scale Two-Photon Calcium Imaging in Freely Moving Mice
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What is the Mini2P?

The Mini2P is an innovative, open-source miniature 2-photon microscope for high-resolution calcium imaging. It is designed to be head-mounted on freely-behaving rodents. Developed by the Moser Group at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the Mini2P system is perfect for researchers investigating in vivo neuronal activity during behavioral experiments in animals that are awake and free to move in their enclosures. Because it is a unique open-source project, the Mini2P can be assembled as a bundle – it is not available for purchase as a pre-built product or instrument.


Product Overview


Our engineering team worked closely with Dr. Weijian Zong, biological engineer and neuroscientist at the Moser Group and first author of the paper in the journal Cell about the Mini2P (Zong, et al. 2022), to develop the software and hardware interface for the Mini2P.  We’ve designed the Mini2P Microscope Control Bundle to provide you with a jump start for building your own Mini2P system. It includes key software and hardware components, specified in the Mini2P toolbox, that are needed for control of your miniature two-photon microscope. In addition, our team of experts can help you integrate the Mini2P control bundle with the system and provide technical support as you use it.

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Key Benefits

The Mini2P helps enable researchers to obtain stable and simultaneous recordings in awake unrestrained rodents of over a thousand cells in densely active cortical regions, across multiple planes, and during a wide range of behavioral tasks. It’s optimized for fast and efficient imaging of neuronal activity, enabling researchers to obtain real-time insights into the brain's complex neural networks. With its high-resolution imaging capabilities and open-source design, Mini2P is an essential tool for any researcher seeking to study the brain's inner workings in vivo.

The ScanImage software and vDAQ hardware is the perfect acquisition and control platform for the Mini2P microscope. This software and hardware provides a robust and flexible architecture from which our team of engineers, together with the developers at Kavli Institute (Zong, et al. 2022), were able to enhance to comprehensively control the Mini2P microscope. Hardware support of Mini2P components was formally added as native features of ScanImage, and some auxiliary features can be easily added to ScanImage source code from the Mini2P Toolbox repository. Note, we do not provide the Mini2P device itself, just the control software and hardware, computer and laser.

Our Mini2P microscope control bundle includes the components that are specified in the open-source project, ensuring compatibility with your Mini2P. Further, ScanImage licenses are bundled with a year of support, so our engineers are available to assist you in interfacing and controlling your Mini2P with our Mini2P Controller Bundle.

Choose from 3 options for controlling your Mini2P microscope

Feature Description

Basic Mini2P Controller Bundle

Premium Mini2P Controller Bundle

Premium PLUS Mini2P Controller Bundle

ScanImage Basic software
vDAQ with breakout board and cables
ScanImage optimized Windows workstation
**optional for the Basic Mini2p Controller Bundle**
ScanImage Premium software
920nm Femtosecond Fiber Laser light source

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News About Mini2P

Cited in Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

MBF’s utility is underscored by the number of references it receives in the worlds most important scientific publications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I learn more about the vDAQ?

The vDAQTM is an all-in-one card and breakout box that’s engineered to provide the most advanced and dependable microscope control and data acquisition. Learn more:

How can I learn more about ScanImage software?

ScanImage is a software package for controlling multiphoton and laser scanning microscopes. It enables advanced techniques such as time multiplexed acquisition and single photon counting.  Learn more:

What resources are available for me to learn more about Mini2P?
How do I configure the Mini2P using ScanImage?

In this workshop, given by the Product Manager of Scanimage, Mitchell Sandoe, you will learn how to set up and control the Mini2P using ScanImage.

Link to the workshop:


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