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Product Overview

Maximize your experimental throughput with our high-quality consumables: multi-branch patch cords, designed to record from up to 4 regions simultaneously.

Key Benefits

Our multi-branch patch cords enhance experimental efficiency by allowing simultaneous recording from up to 4 regions. With exceptional light transmission and calibrated uniformity, these cords ensure optimal signal collection from the brain's smallest signals. Lightweight and flexible in design, they feature a minimalistic jacket to reduce behavior disruption during experiments.


FCM connector on bundled end, metal ferrules on branched ends.

Fiber Core Diameter


Numerical Aperture (NA)


Patch Cord Length


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MBF products are used across the globe by the most prestigious laboratories.

Cited in Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

MBF’s utility is underscored by the number of references it receives in the world’s most important scientific publications. See examples below: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to use all 4 branches at the same time?

All 4 branches do not need to be used at the same time, any unused branches can be coiled up and covered.

Can I record multiple subjects at the same time?

Yes! Branches can be divided amongst subjects in any way- i.e. 1 region in 4 subjects, or 4 regions in a single subject.

What FOC should I order to be compatible with MBF Patch cords?

For maximum efficiency, FOC should match the core diameter (200um), ferrule diameter (1.25mm), and numerical aperture (.37) of the patch cord.

Are your patch cords compatible with optogenetics?

If you are using an FP3002 system with a 635nm laser, the same patch cord can be used for both photometry recordings and optogenetic stimulation. If you are using an FP3002 system with a 450nm laser, we recommend ordering a mono-branch, or bifurcating patch cord for maximum laser light transmission.


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