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An Entire Suite of our Most Popular Software for Quantitative Image Analysis

MBF Bioscience now offers a unique, application-specific set of tools bundled into one comprehensive software suite. Fine-tune your research with a variety of our most popular software applications, which allow you to target the specific cellular structures you want and produce superior quantitative analysis. Using automatic and editing tools within your 3D reconstructions, you can navigate across a variety of pathways with precision, accuracy and speed to achieve your results. Moving easily across the cellular landscape with a high level of control, you’ll understand why this software is the industry leader with the most comprehensive set of built-in analyses, and is so much more than a generic image processing tool.


The new Core Facilities Solution Suite is now available as an annual subscription or a perpetual license with special discounted pricing for core facilities.  The software licenses are provided on a single USB dongle, and the annual subscription includes software upgrades and remote online technical support.

Benefits of the Core Facilities Solution Suite:


  • Increase the use of all your imaging instruments as our software can be used with image data from confocal, wide field, SIM, two-photon, light sheet and brightfield microscopes as well as whole slide scanners
  • Import data easily with support for all of the most popular image file formats from Zeiss, Leica, Aperio, Olympus, Nikon, Hamamatsu, Huron and images from our new ClearScope light sheet microscope
  • Produce unbiased, quantifiable results with NIH-funded, award-winning scientific software
  • Receive full support from MBF’s technical support team, available to all users, with remote online technical support. Plus, all the software has built-in knowledge base
  • Save when you purchase all of the software as a suite rather than individual separate licenses
  • Generate a high impact with your research using MBF software tools that have helped researchers publish over 17,000 peer-reviewed papers in leading journals
  • Effortlessly move to any Windows 10/11 PC with the mobile license (dongle)
  • Access to different software applications listed below

Neurolucida 360®

The most advanced software for automatic 3D neuron reconstruction.

Vesselucida® 360

Automatically reconstruct microvascular networks in a 3D environment.


Intelligent brain-wide cellular screening with anatomic specificity.


Stereo Investigator®

The complete stereology solution. The gold standard for unbiased cell counting.

Stereo Investigator® Cleared Tissue Edition

The gold standard in unbiased stereology for use on cleared tissue.


Generates full-resolution 3D whole brain reconstructions from 2D whole slide images.


Makes it easy to view, analyze, and share big image data from many sources.


Automatically align serial sections and visualize an entire 3D organ.

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