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Product Overview

The Optimizer PCR WorkstationTM is designed to streamline your workflow and ensure the success of your PCR experiments. This workstation prioritizes both unparalleled protection and user-friendly functionality. By creating a sterile and controlled environment, the Optimizer PCR Workstation minimizes the risk of contamination, allowing you to focus on your research with confidence. This robust system offers two key features to safeguard the integrity of your reactions:


    • UV Irradiation: Eliminates contaminating DNA by inducing a process called dimerization, which prevents replication.
    • Dead Air Box: Protects your experiment from airborne contaminants and cross-contamination from the surrounding lab environment.

Key Benefits

Our PCR workstations are made by scientists for scientists.

Engineered to create an ideal environment for your PCR reactions, the Optimizer PCR workstation offers advanced features that ensure precision and reliability. Prior to use, the workstation's interior can be irradiated, effectively neutralizing the replication of potentially contaminating DNA sequences. By creating a protected area, it minimizes exposure to the open lab environment, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination or airborne pollutants.

  • Work Surface: Choose between stainless steel or black Formica work surface options, catering to your specific laboratory needs.

  • Safety Interlock: The workstation is equipped with a safety interlock mechanism that automatically shuts off UV lights when the workstation is opened, ensuring user safety.

  • Fluorescent Lamps: Benefit from dual fluorescent lamps, providing ample illumination for your work area.

  • UV Germicidal Lamps: Select between single or dual UV germicidal lamp configurations, complete with a 12-hour countdown timer featuring a time-hold position for added convenience.

  • Panel Closures: Opt for single or double panel closures, offering versatility and flexibility based on your preferences.

  • Tempered Safety Glass Door: The workstation features a tempered safety glass door, providing visibility and durability.

  • Electrical Outlet: Conveniently located in the ceiling (country-specific), the electrical outlet ensures easy access to power for your equipment.


Dimensions:  The PCR Workstation is available in 3 sizes with the following exterior dimensions:

      • 24”(h) x 24”(d) x 30”(w)
      • 24”(h) x 24”(d) x 36”(w)
      • 24”(h) x 24”(d) x 48”(w)


We offer customizable solutions, tailored to meet your specific requirements, that ensure optimal performance and reliability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I customize the workstation according to my laboratory needs?

Yes. We offer customizable solutions, tailored to meet your specific requirements, that ensure optimal performance and reliability.

What are the dimensions of the Optimizer PCR Workstation?

The workstation is available in three sizes with exterior dimensions of:

  • 24”(h) x 24”(d) x 30”(w)
  • 24”(h) x 24”(d) x 36”(w)
  • 24”(h) x 24”(d) x 48”(w)
How does the workstation prevent contamination?

The workstation employs UV irradiation to eliminate contaminating DNA by inducing dimerization, and it features a Dead Air Box to protect experiments from airborne contaminants and cross-contamination.

Is the workstation suitable for various PCR experiments?

Yes, the workstation is engineered to create an ideal environment for PCR reactions, offering advanced features that ensure precision and reliability, making it suitable for various PCR experiments.


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