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MBF has solutions to capture microscope images, image stacks, and whole slide images, and we provide options to clarify those images. Whether you have a brightfield, widefield fluorescence, or laser-scanning confocal microscope, we can work with you to find the best imaging solution for you.


Neurolucida for neuron tracing, Stereo Investigator for stereology, and Microlucida, a system specifically designed for microscope imaging, all have powerful imaging capabilities to acquire image stacks and whole slide images.


For even clearer images, add structured illumination to your microscope to reduce noise, haze, and out of focus light in your images.

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Our Solutions for Microscopic Imaging & Analysis

ClearScope® - The Light Sheet Theta Microscope

Having extensive knowledge of the challenges associated with cleared tissue imaging, we set out to create a complete cleared tissue imaging and analysis system capable of imaging deeper, faster, and more efficiently than the fluorescent imaging technologies currently on the market. In collaboration with Dr. Raju Tomer at Columbia University, we have created ClearScope®, a Light Sheet Theta Microscope (LSTM) with imaging capabilities far beyond commercial light sheet systems currently on the market.


Stereo Investigator®

A Stereo Investigator system provides you with accurate, unbiased estimates of the number, length, area, and volume of cells or biological structures in a tissue specimen. It is a key research tool that has led to advances in numerous areas of neuroscience including neurodegenerative diseases, neuropathy, memory, and behavior, as well as other research fields including pulmonary research, spinal cord research, and toxicology.





The Neurolucida system is specifically designed for accurately tracing neuronal structures directly from histological specimens and generating quantitative morphometric data. Neuroscientists around the world trust Neurolucida as the gold standard for producing accurate anatomical models that can be quantitatively analyzed in hundreds of different ways to address perplexing biological questions.


The Vesalius system (developed in concert with CrestOptics) is the perfect tool for fast, multi-channel confocal image acquisition of large tissue specimens, including mouse, rat and non-human primate. Vesalius is easy to use and substantially reduces the time needed for image acquisitions compared to conventional confocal imaging systems, with no compromise in image quality.


Vesselucida is a unique product specifically designed to reconstruct and analyze microvascular networks by controlling microscope hardware, so you can trace directly from slides. Built-in analysis tools will provide you with the information you need for your studies on cancer, diabetes, strokes and other conditions that affect microvasculature.


Microlucida gives you the power to capture 2D and 3D whole slide images at your brightfield or fluorescence microscope. It allows you to easily generate high quality whole slide images and image stacks. It also enables you to use a single high-quality image acquisition application across all of your microscopes, a feature particularly beneficial for core facilities.


Biolucida is leading the big data revolution by providing scientists and medical educators a cost-effective and powerful solution to the many challenges it presents. Data sets that in the past have been too voluminous and complex for traditional systems, can now be easily managed with Biolucida.



Want Help Understanding Which Product is Right for Your Application?

At MBF, we’ve spent decades understanding the needs of researchers and their labs — and have a suite of products and solutions that have been specifically designed for the needs of today’s most important and advanced labs. Our commitment to you is to spend time with you discussing the needs of your lab — so that we can make sure the solutions we provide for you are exactly what you’ll need. It’s part of our commitment to supporting you — before, during, and after you’ve made your decision. We look forward to talking with you!