Stereo Investigator System for Quantifying Neurotransmitter Switching in Human Brains Installed at Dr. Nicholas Spitzer’s Lab

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From left to right: Amy Guzdar, Dr. Nicholas Spitzer, Chris Douglas (in the back) and Dr. Claudia Alvarez-Baron.

Dr. Julie Korich, Staff Scientist/Research Liaison, recently installed a Stereo Investigator system on an existing Zeiss AxioSkop 2 motorized microscope for Dr. Nicholas Spitzer‘s lab at UC San Diego. She also provided training to the lab’s team for Stereo Investigator.

Dr. Spitzer is co-director of the Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind (UCSD). His research aims at understanding the roles of electrical activity in assembly of the nervous system by investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal differentiation.

Dr. Spitzer and his team are conducting studies on neurotransmitter specification. They are getting close to completing their first stereological study and will use Stereo Investigator to quantify neurotransmitter switching in the developing and adult brain.

You can also read about other studies involving the use of Stereo Investigator.


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