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Product Overview

Optimize your fiber photometry system with our Fiber Optic Cannulae (FOC) and Ceramic Split Sleeves, designed to ensure optimal performance in your experiments.

Key Benefits

Engineered for exceptional performance, our Fiber Optic Cannulae (FOC) and Ceramic Split Sleeves deliver unmatched efficiency, minimized autofluorescence, and customizable configurations to guarantee the accuracy and precision of your data.

Individual FOC units are priced at $20 each, with compelling discounts for bulk orders:

      • $18 each for orders of 100 or more FOC
      • $17 each for orders of 200 or more FOC
      • $15 each for orders of 500 or more FOC

FOC units are conveniently sold in boxes of 20, ensuring an ample supply for your experiments.

Connectivity Solutions:  To seamlessly connect your FOC to a patch cord, our collection includes white ceramic split sleeves, available at an affordable $1 each.

Experience the precision of our Fiber Optic Cannulae by placing your order today. Benefit from bulk discounts, customize your setup, and rely on our expertise to enhance the success of your fiber photometry experiments.

For inquiries or assistance in choosing the right configuration, feel free to contact our dedicated team.

Ferrule Sizes

Choose from 1.25mm or 2.5mm diameter options.

Fiber Core Diameters

Choose from 200um or 400um

Numerical Aperture (NA)

A range of options available, including 0.22, 0.37, 0.39, 0.48, and 0.50.

Fiber Length

We stock 5mm and 10mm FOC that can be cleaved to length for each experiment. If you prefer not to cleave your own, we accept custom orders for lengths between 1.5mm-40mm.

Who Is Using MBF Products?

MBF products are used across the globe by the most prestigious laboratories.

Cited in Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

MBF’s utility is underscored by the number of references it receives in the world’s most important scientific publications. See examples below: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What numerical aperture is compatible with FP3001 and FP3002?

For best results, we recommend .37NA, which matches the optical components in the systems.

Can I synchronize fiber photometry data with my existing behavior hardware?

There are a variety of options for synchronizing fiber photometry recordings with behavior hardware. The system includes 2 digital inputs and outputs that can send or receive 5v TTL pulses for ultra-precise timestamp alignment. Behavior cameras and custom Arduino-based devices can also be synchronized through data acquisition software for simple synchronization.

How long should my FOC be?

The length of FOC that you choose will depend on the region you are targeting. We recommend choosing a length that is the same as or slightly (<.5mm) longer than the dorsal/ventral stereotaxic coordinate of your target. For example, if you are targeting a structure with a DV of –4.35, a 4.5mm fiber is appropriate. Excessive length will cause the ferrule to stick out further from the skull surface.

Are FOC reusable?

Generally, FOC are not reusable, as the chemicals capable of dissolving dental cement will also etch the glass core and damage them.

Are Ceramic split sleeves reusable?

Ceramic split sleeves can be reused indefinitely.


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