Our Values & Beliefs

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Who is MBF?

We’re a world leader in developing cutting edge technology and providing life science researchers with advanced software and hardware for microscopy and other advanced bioscience applications. Our commitments to developing innovative products and providing excellent customer support have won us awards, but more importantly, they have led to exciting research discoveries and committed customers. We will continue to grow to deliver researchers with dependable products that are the leading edge of what’s new and exciting in the field, and humbly stand in awe of the insights researchers discover with our products and services.

A Family Commitment

Our CEO, Jack Glaser, co-founded the business with his father, whose pioneering scientific work and vision for innovative engineering and rigorous quantification of microscopic structures, set the framework of the company’s mission. This isn’t just a business, it’s a lifelong commitment on behalf of the Glaser family to helping scientists achieve new discoveries. To learn more about the family and how the business was started, click on the button below.

Our Beliefs & Values

Since our founding more than three decades ago, MBF has committed itself to developing solutions and illuminating insights that move neuroscience and other biosciences forward. We believe in the powerful intersection of art and science, of computing power and research insights, and in human and digital intelligence.


We proudly stand with our research partners in the field, advancing our products in ways that help advance the science in their labs. We continue to stand in awe of the intellectual power and advancement of humanity that our customers uncover daily. Our commitment to forward-thinking science, to the illumination and communication of those insights, and to the advancement of human knowledge is what drives every decision we make — and every solution we provide.


We hold our values (respect for scientific knowledge and rigorous scientific processes, commitment to customer service, and creating sustainable growth) near and dear, and wake up every morning with one key question…how can we at MBF help move bioscience forward?


We look forward to supporting future waves of life science research discoveries and insights.