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Product Overview

The WormLab Imaging System is a complete, scalable solution for automated imaging and quantitative analysis of  the behavior of C. elegans and other nematodes.  We worked closely with world leading  C. elegans researchers to develop a unique worm tracking system that is intuitive and easy to use so you spend less time on set-up and maintenance and more time focused on your research.

Key Benefits

The WormLab Imaging System is turn-key hardware and software for imaging and analyzing the behavior of C. elegans—just add worms.  Generate high resolution videos optimized for analysis using WormLab’s patented worm-tracking technology with access dozens of detailed metrics including speed, direction, distance travelled.  Fully characterize dynamic changes in posture, amplitude of sinusoidal movement and accurately quantify complex movements such as omega bends, coiling, self-overlap, swimming, and thrashing. Easily and efficiently investigate subtle effects on social interactions such as aggregation, social foraging and mating.  

The optimized WormLab video acquisition system fully automates optogenetic and mechanosensation assays so that you can easily correlate behavior with programmable stimuli. This also frees up lab resources considerably while improving the efficiency and reproducibility of worm-behavior assays. Easy image acquisition and analysis using the intuitive WormLab software interface enables you to start working immediately.

WormLab has been developed with support from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

System Requirements for Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS

Windows 10 64-bit is required. The recommended configuration includes at least 16GB RAM, an Intel Core (i5,i7,i9) or Xeon processor, adequate hard disk space for video files (at least 500GB recommended) and an internet connection for activation.

MacOS 10.9 or later is required. The recommended configuration includes at least 16GB RAM, an Intel Core (i5,i7,i9), Intel Xeon or Apple M1 processor, adequate hard disk space for video files (at least 500GB recommended) and an internet connection for activation.

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Download WormLab Imaging Systems product sheet here.

Who Is Using WormLab?

WormLab is used across the globe by the most prestigious laboratories. 

News About WormLab Imaging System

Cited in Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

WormLab’s utility is underscored by the number of references it receives in the worlds most important scientific publications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the maximum size Petri dish compatible with the WormLab system?

The system can record videos with sufficient resolution for tracking using Petri dishes up to 50mm. 

Can I use my own videos acquired using our laboratory imaging system?

Yes! You can purchase a Wormlab software license separately from the complete WormLab Imaging System; it is a cost-effective way to quantify worm behavior from videos acquired using your own camera system. An important consideration for obtaining optimal results with WormLab software is the quality of the video to be analyzed. A solid, high contrast image of the worm on an evenly illuminated background (as achieved with the WormLab Imaging System) is ideal.

Is there a limit to the number of worms I can track simultaneously?

Technically, there is no inherent software limit to the number of tracked worms, however, from a practical perspective we suggest tracking fewer than 30 worms in an area sufficiently large to mitigate worm clustering. The WormLab Imaging System supports video acquisition from plates up to 50mm in diameter.

Is the WormLab Imaging System upgradeable?

The Wormlab Imaging System is modular by design and can be field upgraded to include stimulus delivery options such as high power LEDs for optogenetic assays or a tapper for mechanosensation assays. General purpose input/output ports are also available for custom applications.

What is so special about the WormLab Imaging System compared to lab-based systems?

The WormLab Imaging System is designed to produce optimal videos for worm tracking. It features a stable, flat field illumination system and state-of-the-art, high resolution video camera enabling high contrast visualization of the transparent worms.  Its enclosure blocks out ambient light that could influence worm behavior, creating an ideal platform for performing reproducible experiments.  Fully automate optogenetic and mechanosensation assays eliminates observer bias and improving efficiency.

Can WormLab track other types of nematodes?

WormLab was originally designed for tracking C. elegans, however, researchers have used the software for behavioral analysis of other nematodes (such as parasitic worms). In fact, WormLab has also been used to track Drosophila larvae. Contact us to arrange a demonstration using your videos.


Robust Professional Support

Our service sets us apart, with a team that includes Ph.D. neuroscientists, experts in microscopy, stereology, neuron reconstruction, and image processing.  We’ve also developed a host of additional support services, including:

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Request a Free Trial

We offer both a free demonstration and a free trial copy of WormLab software. During your personal session, you’ll also have the opportunity to talk to us about your hardware, software and experimental design questions with our team of Ph.D. neuroscientists and experts in microscopy, worm tracking and image processing.

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