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Kit for the revolutionary 2-photon microscope for imaging neuronal activity at unprecedented speed
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Product Overview

The SLAP2 is a revolutionary new microscope based on a technological breakthrough called second-generation Scanned Line Angular Projection two photon laser scanning microscopy that was recently developed by Dr. Kaspar Podgorski at the Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Ashburn, VA.


Build your own state-of-the-art 2-photon microscope using the complete set of components and parts, including comprehensive instructions, supplied with the SLAP2 kit.

SLAP2 microscopy allows scientists to watch the activity of hundreds of synapses at a time in the brains of living animals. Here, red bursts mark synapses of a mouse neuron being excited by the neurotransmitter glutamate. Credit: Podgorski Lab

Key Benefits

The game-changing innovation in the SLAP2 is the ability to perform unparalleled optical imaging of neuronal activity in populations of neurons at subcellular spatial resolution and temporal resolution in the millisecond range (i.e., at 1000 Hz and higher) both in vivo and in vitro using a variety of fluorescent indicators (e.g. voltage, neurotransmitter).

For the first time, this technology makes it possible to capture the dynamics of populations of neurons in vivo with millisecond temporal resolution and at least single-cell spatial resolution. This capability is critical for decoding how information is represented and processed by the billions of densely interconnected neurons comprising the mammalian CNS.

The neuroscience research implications of the SLAP2 are unprecedented. This novel microscope will enable groundbreaking optical imaging of neuronal activity in populations of neurons using fluorescent voltage indicators as well as fluorescent biosensors for neurotransmitters.


This is an image of the SLAP2 from WCBR research poster

SLAP2 microscope layout on an optical table. (A) Periscope. (B) Tier 1. (B1) Powell Lens. (B2) Polygonal Line Scanner. (B3) Surfboard 1. (B4) Surfboard 2. (C) Tier 2. (C1) Remote Focus 1. (C2) Remote Focus 2. (D) Front End. (D1) Objective lens and 2P Detection Path. (E) Platform for Sample. (F) Digital Micromirror Device, 1280x800 pixel array, pixel pitch 10.8μm (Image credit: Douglass M., Texas Instruments)

Download SLAP2 product sheet here.

This is a SLAP2 poster

Scanned Line Angular Projection Two Photon Laser Scanning (SLAP2) Microscopy for Real-Time (Kilohertz Rates) Volumetric in Vivo Imaging at Subcellular Resolution

Recording Neurons’ Synaptic Input Patterns with Scanned Line Projection Microscopy

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