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Receive personalized training for MBF Bioscience products from our expert staff at our Vermont offices or at your location. Tailored to your needs, we devote our resources to helping you (and/or your staff) understand how to use and to best leverage the power of our products applied to your research. Save time by learning hands-on the features of Stereo Investigator or Neurolucida using your own tissue. Suitable for investigators with years of experience using our products or those just being introduced.

These training courses are held at our Vermont office (directions) or at your location. Please use the form below to contact us for registration information and costs.

Click here for directions to the MBF Bioscience Vermont office.

MBF is proud to sponsor independent Stereology Courses and Workshops that are presented by the most respected academicians with no commercial affiliations.

We customize the course for each participant. Please tell us about specific topics you would like to cover.
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