The Signature System for Stereology

           The Gold Standard for Unbiased Stereology


Both brightfield and multi-channel fluorescent stereology research is made possible with the Stereo Investigator Signature system. With this versatile system you can:

  1. Use fully integrated and automatic multi-channel fluorescence microscopy to acquire 3D images using systematic random sampling for unbiased stereology. 
  2. Image data can be exported to another PC for offline analysis
  3. Get accurate stereological data from tissue stained for brightfield microscopy or darkfield microscopy without having to acquire any image data.
  4. Acquire 2D virtual slides (slide scanning) suitable for stereology, and then analyze the images on another computer
  5. Perform 3D Serial Section Reconstructions for 3D visualization of volumes
  6. Get helpful technical and research support quickly. We provide a single point of technical support for everything we provide (no pointing fingers at 3rd parties or shareware providers). Call us with your stereology questions, or any technical support question whether it's hardware or software related.

+ Read about the Advanced System or Value Package if the Signature System doesn't fit your needs

Signature systems are configured with a motorized brightfield and fluorescent microscope from a leading manufacturer. Each system is custom configured for stereology based on the needs of an individual lab or core facility, though a typical Signature system includes:

MBF Software - The Gold Standard

Stereo Investigator software
Stereo Investigator Desktop: software to acquire images at the microscope and then analyze them on another computer
Control module: controls the motorized microscope, including the XY stage, fluorescent illuminator, filter cubes, and motorized filter turret for optimal fully-automatic multi-channel fluorescent imaging
Image Stack module with fully integrated workflow for acquiring image stacks for stereology
2D Silde Scanning module 
3D Serial Section Reconstruction module (for reconstructing a region of interest in 3D)
Deconvolution module (for clarifying acquired images)
4-years of Software Upgrades and technical support are included

Hardware from leading manufacturers

Custom configured, research microscope for stereology. Automatic multi-channel fluorescence microscope with high quality objective lenses, LED illumination , custom filters and motorized components. Also may include brightfield, darkfield or DIC optics
Dual cameras (color for brightfield and monochrome for fluorescence)
High-precision XYZ encoded motorized stage system
64-bit PC, 32GB RAM, 1GB video card, dual 24” monitors
For more details on system components, please visit the hardware webpage

Personalized, helpful technical and research support

2-days on-site installation and training
2-year warranty on hardware

Additional software options

Neurolucida software for neuron tracing
Biolucida for image management and sharing can be added at any time

+ Contact us at 802-288-9290 or to speak with a Stereo Investigator expert and learn more about our systems.