New, Easy Setup of Multiple-User Accounts

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New, Easy Setup of Multiple-User Accounts

by Julie Keefe, M.S.

With version 9.0 of our software, you can now easily configure a Neurolucida or Stereo Investigator system to support multiple users, each with their own personalized settings.

There is no need to worry if the program is pointing to the right directory or accessing the correct configuration files for each user.

The new multiple-user setup only takes about 30 seconds for each user. It includes a Group option for different laboratories using the same system, and it also allows individual Profile log-ins within each group.

You can create different groups for your lab, or you can organize by experiment type, with shared parameters, to assure consistency among users.

To create a new profile, all you need to do is import the configuration file from an existing profile. In seconds, the settings and calibrations are completed, and you can begin working with the software. This feature is ideal for core facilities, since it has the added benefit of reducing the administrative overhead for the manager.

You can simply adjust your settings and be assured that those settings will be remembered whenever you return to work at that computer.

If you are an existing customer, this new setup uses the same configuration files you are already using. There is no need to perform another setup, and it automatically applies any needed updates.

Julie Keefe is the technical support manager at MBF Bioscience.

First published in The Scope, fall 2008.