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Stereo Investigator – Cellairus®

Automatic, accurate, unbiased, high-throughput cell quantification in histological specimens
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Product Overview

Only Stereo Investigator – Cellairus provides automatic, accurate, unbiased, high-throughput 3D cell quantification in fluorescently-labeled histological specimens.


Unbiased stereology is recognized as the gold standard for accurate quantification because it is a rigorous and accurate methodology for quantifying features of biological tissues. Stereo Investigator – Cellairus dramatically accelerates stereological cell counting through the use of machine learning to replicate expert human observer judgments of about recognizing cells, their location and size. Once the machine learning algorithms are trained, Stereo Investigator – Cellairus identifies cells in 3D image volumes throughout 3D brain regions using the same observer criteria as a human expert. Stereo Investigator – Cellairus has been developed by the leading experts in stereology to preserve the integrity and benefits of stereology, while substantially reducing the amount of time needed to perform accurate quantification cell populations.

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Key Benefits

Stereo Investigator - Cellairus uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, integrated with unbiased stereological counting rules, systematic random sampling (SRS) unbiased stereological sampling, and easy to learn workflows to classify, and quantify cells in 3D images. Stereo Investigator - Cellairus automates the most widely used unbiased stereological probe for counting cells, the optical fractionator.

Using the defined counting frame, grid size and disector parameters, Stereo Investigator - Cellairus detects all cells at each counting site. Once all objects are automatically detected within each counting frame site; the counting rules are then applied to filter and only retain the detected cells that fall within the disector.

Stereo Investigator - Cellairus can be trained to differentiate between different cells types, sub-cellular objects and non-cell objects. To accommodate varying neuron densities in different brain regions, machine learning classifiers can be trained on both dense and sparse neuron populations. Entire studies are rapidly processed.

Download Stereo Investigator - Cellairus product sheet here.

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Combining machine learning with stereology: The next generation of unbiased 3D stereology for cell counting


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Cited in Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

MBF’s software utility is underscored by the number of references it receives in the worlds most important scientific publications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Stereo Investigator -Cellairus work with fluorescent images?

Yes, it works with multichannel fluorescent images.

Can I audit the probe runs?

Yes, you are able to audit and inspect the results to assess the accuracy using the dynamic 3D visualization environment.

Am I able to create different classifiers for different cell populations?

Yes, different classifiers can be trained for different types of cells or imaging methos. Cellairus is shipped with some classifiers built in. You can even contract training for your specific experiments to us and we will train the classifier for you.

Will Stereo Investigator - Cellairus provide the estimated cell totals and coefficients of error?

Yes, the results will be computed using established stereological formulas.


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