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Product Overview

The Vesselucida system is uniquely designed to control your microscope hardware and provide purpose-built tools for accurate tracing of microvascular networks directly from histological specimens. Create reconstructions based on ground truth and use the wide array of built-in quantitative analysis tools to fuel your research in fields including cancer, diabetes, strokes and other conditions that affect microvasculature

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Key Benefits

The Vesselucida system for vasculature reconstruction and quantitative morphometric anaysis is based on the ground truth—you trace directly from the specimen on the microscope or from previously captured images. The tracing tools are specialized for microvasculature, making it clear which tool to use and why; in addition, you can also edit traced structures as needed. Vesselucida works with a wide array of 2D and 3D images, even large 2D and 3D images of intact tissue specimens.

Vesselucida fully integrates with your microscope system hardware to control motorized stages, focus, cameras, objective changers, and optical filters. Whether you need a new microscope system or want to use Vesselucida with your existing microscope hardware, our technical sales specialists will work with you to understand your current and future research interests, and choose microscope components that will help you achieve your research goals and fit your budget.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 10, 64-bit




16 GB


>6 GB

Recommended System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 10, 64-bit




64 GB


>8 GB


Solid state drive(s)


*Certain high throughput Acquisition systems will require a NAS anywhere from 10 to 200TB in size

Input Specifications

Supported image file formats


Output Specifications

Model data output formats



* Our XML data file format, the Neuromorphological File Specification (NFS), was recently endorsed as a standard by the INCF.

Image file output formats


Movie export format


Supported Image File Formats: PDF

Vesselucida Helps Researchers Quantify Post-Injury Capillary Damage and Regeneration
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New Therapy May Aid Heart Repair After Heart Attack
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Scientists use Vesselucida 360 to quantify brain vasculature in mTBI model
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Who Is Using Vesselucida?

Vesselucida is used across the globe by the most prestigious laboratories. 

News About Vesselucida

Cited in Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

Vesselucida’s utility is underscored by the number of references it receives in the worlds most important scientific publications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a microscope to run Vesselucida?

Editions of Vesselucida are available that work with or without a microscope.  If your vessels span multiple sections or dozens of fields of view, you may find it quicker and easier to reconstruct vascular systems with a microscope, using Vesselucida – Microscope Edition.  If you’re reconstructing vasculature that is relatively easy to image, you may benefit from the automatic reconstruction features available in Vesselucida 360.

Can I use my existing microscope with Vesselucida?

Vesselucida systems can be integrated with hardware from all four major microscope manufacturers (Zeiss, Olympus, Leica and Nikon). Depending on your microscope model, components, and experimental needs, your current microscope system may require hardware upgrades. Some of the most important components are stage, focus drive, cameras, and light sources. Contact us to assess your microscope system and help you determine a configuration that facilitates your research goals and fits your budget.

Is Vesselucida only for vessel tracing?

Vesselucida is ideal for reconstructing vasculature in tissue specimen slides directly from a research microscope. Vesselucida also enables you to map and reconstruct anatomical regions through serial sections to create 3D models.  You can acquire 3D image stacks and 2D or 3D scans of slides for publication or archival or image analysis away from the microscope.

How do I analyze my data out of Vesselucida?

Every license of Vesselucida and Vesselucida 360 includes access to Vesselucida Explorer companion software. This data-analysis tool can quickly and easily export your data to Excel or to the clipboard.  It even includes batch exporting so that you can process hundreds of data files with just a few clicks!

Do I have to pay extra for Vesselucida Explorer?

No, you will be given access to a free copy of Vesselucida Explorer with every copy of Vesselucida or Vesselucida 360 you purchase.  If you don’t own Vesselucida or you need more licenses for use on analysis-only computers, you can purchase stand-alone Vesselucida Explorer licenses.

What are the differences between Vesselucida and Vesselucida 360?

Vesselucida 360 can automatically or semi-automatically reconstruct vasculature and anatomies from images and image stacks acquired using a variety of microscopy types. In contrast, Vesselucida includes microscope-control capability and manual tracing tools to reconstruct vessels in tissue specimen slides directly from a research microscope.


Robust Professional Support

Our service sets us apart, with a team that includes Ph.D. neuroscientists, experts in microscopy, stereology, neuron reconstruction, and image processing.  We’ve also developed a host of additional support services, including:

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Request an Expert Demonstration

We offer a free expert demonstration of Vesselucida. During your demonstration you’ll also have the opportunity to talk to us about your hardware, software, or experimental design questions with our team of Ph.D. neuroscientists and experts in microscopy, neuron tracing, and image processing.

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