We Listen to Our Customers

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We Listen to Our Customers

MBF Bioscience Customer Service

At MBF Bioscience, we are committed to delivering innovative products and unrivaled support to our customers and collaborators. Our development team and staff scientists actively engage with leading scientific researchers to develop new technology as they work to further advance the field.

Recently, several of our customers worked closely with us to advance virtual slide technology to create high resolution brain atlases and morphometric analyses using very large files. A number of these features are included in version 9. One user, Dr. Harvey J. Karten, Professor of Neurosciences and Psychiatry at UCSD School of Medicine, says, “MBF Bioscience was highly responsive and innovative in helping me achieve my research goals. I wanted to analyze extremely large virtual histology images in Neurolucida that were originally created using the Aperio and Hamamatsu Nanozoomer image file formats. MBF initiated the dialog with each company and was able to add the support. They further modified Neurolucida to meet the needs of the unique problems and benefits associated with virtual images. Great company to work with.”

Our customers are our greatest ally on our constant quest to improve our products and services. Customer comments and feedback guides the ongoing development of each product. Frequently, we add specific analyses or features to our software based on individual customers’ research needs. MBF Bioscience stays in touch with our customers with follow-up emails and surveys, soliciting customer input and suggestions. If you would like us to add something for you, please contact us. We are only satisfied when our products and services exceed your expectations.

First published in The Scope, fall 2009.