AutoNeuron technology is now included in Neurolucida 360.
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Automatic, fully interactive neuron tracing

Available as an extension module for Neurolucida, AutoNeuron traces neurons from image stacks or whole slides in minutes, significantly reducing time and effort. AutoNeuron works with brightfield, widefield fluorescence, and confocal images.

Our patented, innovative tracing algorithm, developed over a period of 10 years, quickly explores an entire 3D image volume in seconds,  identifies neuronal processes and somas, traces the processes, outlines soma volume at each image plane, and connects the process to form a reconstructed set of trees. AutoNeuron is also capable of tracing neurons that cross boundaries into multiple adjacent image stacks. MBF also has an excellent tool for automatically stitching together mutliple image stacks into a single montage (see Image Montaging Module).

AutoNeuron generates a Neurolucida neuron model which can then be analyzed, viewed, and edited within Neurolucida.

The interactive neuron tracing feature in AutoNeuron makes tracing complex neurons, even in Golgi stained tissue, easier. Pick a start point and an end point on the image projection and AutoNeuron automatically traces the best path for you in 3D, while also automatically measuring the diameters of the dendritic branches. 

+ Watch a short video on the interactive mode:

+ Watch a short video demonstration on the automatic mode:

The technology that drives AutoNeuron is the result of more than a decade of published research on the automatic tracing of branching structures in biological tissue. Save time and get accurate results quickly with the world leader for automatic neuron reconstruction.


Portions of AutoNeuron development were made possible with support from the NIHM under the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program.