Neurolucida®360 Testimonials

Some Testimonials From Our Neurolucida 360 Customers
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University of Minnesota

Gwen Wendelschafer-Crabb, Ph.D.

“I am amazed at the speed and accuracy of Neurolucida 360. The automatic tracing program is intuitive and easy to use.”

Allen Institute for Brain Science

Yun Wang, Ph.D.

“Neurolucida 360 is very useful for doing quantitative analysis of neuronal morphology.”

Colorado College

Bob Jacobs, Ph.D.

“Neurolucida 360 is the future of quantitative neuromorphology. I am particularly excited about Neurolucida 360’s interactive function because it will allow for much more efficient tracing of Golgi stained neurons, which are notoriously difficult to quantify. Cajal would be proud!”

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jeremy Herskowitz, Ph.D.

“Neurolucida 360 is a remarkable system that has provided us with tools to study dendritic architecture in cultured neurons, rodent models, and humans, with outstanding precision and detail.”

Rush Presbyterian Medical Center

Jeffrey Kordower, Ph.D.

“Neurolucida 360 is clearly the best in the field – reliable, accurate, and very importantly, easy and intuitive to use. I would not try any other system.”