Confocal Microscopy and Stereology Courses

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Confocal Microscopy and Stereology Courses

Dr. Daniel A. Peterson’s practical training courses offer excellent, hands-on instruction in the use of confocal microscopes and design-based stereology. Each year, Dr. Peterson, a Chicago-based neuroscientist and Executive Director of the Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University holds two training sessions. This year’s events take place March 8-12 and August 16-20.

From graduate students, to post doctorates, to advanced laboratory technicians, anyone in the biomedical field who uses qualitative and quantitative microscopy in their research would benefit from the week-long courses. Attendees will gain a comprehensive overview of  modern histological preparation and microscopic analysis, and are encouraged to bring their own material for discussion and customized consultation.

Registration for the March course ends February 26. Go to to enroll.

{Image courtesy of Neuro Renew Inc.}

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