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Automatic dendritic spine detection

New advances in dendritic spine quantification

AutoSpine is a ground-breaking tool for automatic detection and quantification of dendritic spines. Using high-quality dendritic tracings from AutoNeuron or Neurolucida, AutoSpine identifies and counts the spines along the traced dendrites.

Analyses available:

  • Spine number
  • Spine density
  • Spine by branch order
  • Spine head volume & diameter
  • Distance from spine head to dendrite surface
  • Sholl analysis (requires soma)
  • Distance from soma along branch
  • Spine classification (if manually designated)


  • Fast and accurate quantification of dendritic spines.


  • Detect spines along selected dendritic branches.
  • Quantitative analyses include spine number, spine density, spine head distance from dendritic surface, and optional user-assigned classification for thin, stubby, mushroom, branched spines and filopodia.
  • Visualization in 3D includes simplified stick-and-head diagrams or full mesh surface and volume reconstruction. The graphical reconstruction of spines can be overlaid upon the original 3D image for visual inspection of accuracy.

An integrated solution

AutoSpine integrates seamlessly with AutoNeuron and Neurolucida to create a suite of comprehensive neuron reconstruction, spine detection and morphometric analysis tools for scientists studying neurons and dendritic spines. These tools integrate with microscopes from all major microscope producers, and read laser scanning and two-photon confocal image stacks.

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Created by the leaders in neuron tracing and analysis

For over 23 years, MBF Bioscience has been a leader in creating integrated microscope systems for neuroscience researchers. Our staff of Ph.D neuroscientists, software engineers, and imaging and analysis experts designed Neurolucida, AutoNeuron, and AutoSpine to work for neuroscientists. More neurons have been traced using Neurolucida than any other system in the world.

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AutoSpine has been developed with support from SBIR grants awarded by the NIMH.