WormLab System

WormLab® System

The revolutionary system that analyzes worm behavior and delivers light and tapping stimuli

WormLab software is known for providing an amazing amount of data about worm locomotion in an intuitive user interface. Now, the WormLab Imaging System works in conjunction with WormLab software so you can correlate C. elegans locomotory behavior with the delivery of tapping or light stimuli.

High-resolution worm imaging 

  • Specialized optical system ensures maximum resolution, contrast and sharpness – ideal for machine vision
  • Capture:

    •  Simultaneous tracking of multiple worms    

    •  Swimming & Thrashing worms

  • Whole plate tracking capability increases assay efficiency

Automated optogenetics & mechanosensation

  • Increase efficiency and repeatability automating your assays
  • Easily correlate behavior with programmable light or tapping stimuli


  • Easy data acquisition & analysis with WormLab’s intuitive software interface
  • Scalable plug and play design - customizable to meet your specific

Enclosed design

  • Prevents ambient light from influencing the behavior of your worms
  • Improved environment for delivering stimuli
  • Fast glide adjustment mount for quick and repeatable change of the working distance for mulitple zoom levels (8mm to 50mm FOV) without the need for any tools. This type of flexibility is not found in conventional compound microscopes or dissecting scopes

Camera with macrolens for high-resolution images

  • Fast high-resolution USB 3.0
  • Nikon 60mm macro lens – Close Range Correction System ensures high resolution throughout the adjustment range of the camera stand


Light stimulus delivery

  • High output LED lights illuminate the worms
  • Light patterns controlled with WormLab software

Tapping stimulus delivery

  • Variable force/patterns controlled with WormLab


Macro Illuminator - generates even illumination across a large field of view to create a high contrast image

  • The illumination system creates solid, high-contrast images of the normally transparent worms
  • Light path starts with a precisely adjustable, white or red light LED source and diffuser module
  • Housing has integral cooling fan to account for thermal management of the LED itself and avoids coupling heat to the specimen
  • Diffuser element mitigates hot spots within the 50mm FOV creating a flat field background
  • Light then passes through a series of optical elements evenly illuminating the specimen with collimated light producing a very high contrast











Professional Technical Support

When you call us you will speak with a person - not an automated system. Talk to us about your hardware, software, or experimental design questions. Our team includes Ph.D. neuroscientists and experts in microscopy, stereology, neuron tracing, and image processing; ready to help you over the phone or online.


System Requirements for Microsoft Windows

  • For Microsoft Windows PCs, we recommend Windows 7, 8 or 10 64-bit with 4GB RAM and a dual core or better Intel processors (i3,i5,i7).
  • WormLab can also run on Windows XP 32 bit or Windows 7, 8 or 10 32-bit. The 64-bit version of Windows 7 offers a significant performance improvement over the 32 bit version. WormLab software takes under 100MB of disk space, but adequate hard disk space for video files is needed (250GB recommended) and an internet connection for activation.


System Requirements for Apple OSX

Mac OSX 10.9 or later is required, running on a Mac with Intel processors. For camera support, your Mac will require a Firewire (IEEE1394) port. Requirements include 4GB RAM, adequate hard disk space for video files (250GB recommended) and an internet connection for activation.


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