Some testimonials from our WormLab customers
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Fred Hutch

Jihong Bai, Ph.D.

“We really appreciate the help from all the staff at MBF Bioscience. Expert support combined with their excellent product WormLab are essential for our research on C. elegans behavior in my lab.”

Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil

Dr. Félix Soares

“WormLab has taken our behavior studies to another level, since we can test more complex hypotheses to detect slight changes in the behavior of worms. After two years of our lab team working regularly with WormLab I can say with full confidence that WormLab provides far superior data than the other conventional programs used for worms. Our work with WormLab has been extremely rewarding because it puts us on the frontier of the behavior studies of C.elegans and allows us to carry out differentiated experiments, with software that is easy to use and needs only simple equipment.”