Letter from the President: MBF Bioscience continues its commitment to neuroscience advances

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Letter from the President: MBF Bioscience continues its commitment to neuroscience advances


Later this week, I get on a trans-Atlantic flight for the first time in over two years. I’m eager to attend an in-person conference of neuroscientists — and especially to sit face to face, as we discuss about how best to move the next wave of neuroscience forward.


As I’ve been looking forward about how great it is to be back “in real life” with all of you, I’ve been reflecting about the way science and the generation of insights is typically portrayed in the media. The lone scientist, ruminating and thinking, until the blinding flash of insight hits them — and the world moves forward. But, of course, we know that’s not how it really happens. It’s only through collaboration, discussion, publication and debate, that all science moves forward. The image of a lone scientist in a lab gives way to the real way science is done — collaboratively, collectively, building upon the ideas and work that has been done before, and as a true partnership.


This is just one of the many reasons I’m proud to announce that the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) has endorsed the MBF Bioscience neuromorphological file format as a standard. This file format has evolved over several decades through input and requests from the many scientists who’ve been using our products. The current format is truly a collaborative effort between MBF and our users. It expands opportunities for data sharing between individual researchers, laboratories, and within larger collaborative research initiatives. And it will make it easier for third-party software tools to be developed and maintained that further extend the usefulness of the data generated by MBF products.


The file format is used in our products for neuroscience research for important applications such as digital neuron reconstruction, brain mapping and stereological analyses. MBF Bioscience products, including NeurolucidaNeurolucida 360Stereo InvestigatorVesselucida 360, and NeuroInfo use this neuromorphological file format.


None of this couldn’t have happened with the input, feedback, and constructive reviews you’ve given us, and our products. We always enjoy hearing from you, in real life – or in whatever forum — since it gives us new and better opportunities to serve you, the research community, and ultimately scientific discoveries…better.


Here’s looking forward to the next wave of what we explore together. We at MBF continue to stand in awe of your work, and are humbly appreciative for the opportunity to help you in any way we can. Feel free to reach out and get in touch anytime….and here’s looking forward to seeing you at a conference, in a workshop, or in your lab — as soon as possible.


Til then,