Q&A: MBF Bioscience President Jack Glaser on Neuroscience 2011

The Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting takes place November 13 – 16 in Washington D.C. In anticipation of the event, MBF Bioscience President Jack Glaser spoke to us about the exciting new products the company will unveil at this year’s meeting.

The Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting is quickly approaching. Are you looking forward to it? Yes! The Society for Neuroscience meeting is always quite exciting. Each year we introduce new products and new features, and it is very gratifying to present them to the researchers who stop by our booth. It is also very exciting to meet so many of our customers there each year and hear about their labs expanding, their research being fruitful, and their general successes.

What new products and/or enhancements will the company be presenting at this year’s conference? We have several new products we will be demonstrating this year. AutoSpine™ automatically detects and quantifies dendritic spines. And WormLab™ lets researchers perform tracking and behavioral analysis of C. elegans. Biolucida® Cloud will revolutionize the way researchers work with microscopy images, including 2D and 3D virtual slides. We will be showing some new hardware, our new solid-state Lucivid™ monitor. Finally, we will be showing our new Zen integration module for Zeiss LSM confocal microscopes. Of course, we will also have new releases of our flagship Neurolucida®, Densita®, and Stereo Investigator® software.

What will visitors be able to do at the MBF Bioscience booth? We’ll have five full computer microscopy systems running our software, which visitors will be able to try out. The systems include a Zeiss LSM, a Zeiss ApoTome, and brightfield systems from Nikon, Leica, and Olympus. Visitors will also be able to speak with our product specialists and staff scientists, who can help answer research questions. Of course, our customers can just stop by to say a quick hello!

Will MBF be presenting posters at the conference? Yes, we will be presenting three research posters this year. [details can be found at this link]

The Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting takes place November 13 – 16 in Washington D.C. MBF Bioscience will be at booth #1437. Get more information on our website.

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