ClearScope® *coming soon*

Image Cleared Tissue Specimens — Any Size with Unparalleled Resolution

ClearScope is a revolutionary light sheet theta microscope system designed to work with a wide range of cleared specimens. Its patent pending technology has been developed through a collaboration between scientists at Columbia University and MBF Bioscience. ClearScope is designed to meet the unique challenges inherent to imaging cleared organs and brain specimens with high-resolution optics capable of distinguishing subcellular structures, including dendritic spines.

ClearScope utilizes a patent pending approach called Lightsheet Theta Microscopy that provides ClearScope with important advantages over other light sheet microscopy methods:

  • Image large specimens, including tissue slabs from humans and other primates
  • Image smaller specimens, such as whole mouse and rat brains
  • Capture the details of the entire specimen with high optical resolution over an exceptionally large lateral area 
  • High speed image acquisition
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient data compression to minimize data storage requirements and maximize speed
  • Works with our acclaimed analysis software to map and trace neural structures and microvessels 
  • Compatible with all cleared tissue methods through the use of sealed specimen chambers
  • Two independent illumination pathways eliminate shadow effects and uneven illumination

ClearScope Performance Specifications


  • Maximum Imaging Depth = 12mm (working distance depends on choice of objective lens)
  • Maximum Specimen Size = 114mm x 75mm x 12mm with standard stage, virtually unlimited lateral dimensions with larger stages
  • Refractive index range = 1.38 – 1.56
  • Objective Lens Magnifications = 10x, 17x, 20x, 24x, and 25x
  • Numerical Aperture = 0.4 – 1.0NA (depends on objective lens)
  • Horizontal (XY) optical resolution = 0.35 μm (20x objective lens)
  • Laser wavelengths = 405 / 488 / 561 / 640 nm (customizable)
  • Specimen chambers: for whole mouse or rat brains, tissue slabs from primates, plus custom chambers available
  • Single field-of-view pixel resolution = 2048 x 2048 pixels 
  • Image digitization = 16 bit
  • Light sheet thickness = 2 - 6μm depending on optics

Compatible with many tissue clearing techniques including


Observe a 3D Whole Brain Reconstruction Acquired with LSTM

Developed, Tested, and Supported by Expert Scientists

Clear Scope has been developed through years of collaborative research between scientists at Columbia University and MBF. As with all of our products at MBF, we work directly with academic and institutional researchers to build innovative products that support the needs of the research and medical communities. We interact with our customers and collaborators daily, continuously adding features and analyses to make sure our hardware and software products are continuously improving and stay up to date with the latest scientific discoveries. To see examples of how researchers have used Light Sheet Theta Microscopy for their own research consult the following publication:

Migliori, B., Datta, M. S., Dupre, C., Apak, M. C., Asano, S., Gao, R., … Tomer, R. (2018). Light sheet theta microscopy for rapid high-resolution imaging of large biological samples. BMC Biology, 16(1). doi: 10.1186/s12915-018-0521-8


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