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Software Applications Providing Quantitative Analysis for Advanced Bioscience Research

Neurolucida® 360

The most advanced software for automatic 3D neuron reconstruction.


Intelligent brain-wide cellular screening with anatomic specificity.

Vesselucida® 360

Automatically reconstruct microvascular networks in a 3D environment.


Generates full-resolution 3D whole brain reconstructions from 2D whole slide images.

Stereo Investigator® Cleared Tissue Edition

The gold standard in unbiased stereology for use on cleared tissue.


Automatic, accurate, unbiased, high-throughput cell quantification in histological specimens.


Automatic tracking and analysis of dendritic spine motility in high resolution repeated imaging experiments.


Automatically align serial sections and visualize an entire 3D organ.

Neurolucida® Explorer

The analytical software companion for Neurolucida and Neurolucida 360 designed to perform extensive morphometric analysis.

Vesselucida® Explorer

The analytical software companion for Vesselucida 360 designed to perform extensive morphometric analysis.

Integrated Software/ Microscope Hardware Systems Providing Quantitative Analysis for Advanced Bioscience Research


Neuron tracing & analysis directly at the microscope. The gold standard for neuron tracing.

Stereo Investigator®

The complete stereology solution. The gold standard for unbiased cell counting.


Reconstruct and analyze microvascular networks.

Multi-Photon Microscopy Solutions


The most advanced software for controlling 2P and 3P laser scanning microscopes.

RMR Scanner®

Fast and flexible 2 photon imaging. Powered by ScanImage.



Vidrio’s Data Acquisition Card is a next generation all in one controller for your microscope. It controls Galvos, Pockels Cells, Fast Z devices, shutters and much more.

Mini2P Microscope Control Bundle

The Mini2P is an innovative, open-source miniature 2-photon microscope for high-resolution calcium imaging. It is designed to be head-mounted on freely-behaving rodents.

SLAP2 - Two Photon Microscope Kit

A revolutionary new microscope based on a technological breakthrough called Scanned Line Angular Projection (SLAP) two photon laser scanning microscopy.

Microscopy Imaging Systems

ClearScope® - The Light Sheet Theta Microscope

Ground-breaking light sheet microscope system for cleared specimens.


A versatile confocal microscope system ideal for fast, large-scale, multichannel 2D and 3D whole slide imaging


Capture 2D and 3D whole slide images at your brightfield or fluorescence microscope.


A fast, and versatile whole slide scanner for quantitative analysis.

Fiber Photometry Solution


Plug and Play Fiber Photometry Solution

Big Image Data Viewing and Management Solutions


View, manage and share image stacks and 2D & 3D whole-slide images


Makes it easy to view, analyze, and share big image data from many sources.

C.elegans Behavioral Analysis Solutions


A complete system for imaging, tracking, and analyzing C. elegans.

WormLab® Imaging System

The ultimate worm tracking and analysis solution


Core Facilities Solution Suite


An entire suite of our most popular software for quantitative image analysis.

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