MBF Bioscience Solves Your Big Data Challenges

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The ability to efficiently acquire large experimental data sets of 2D, 3D and 4D images is advancing rapidly across science. Tools for effectively managing and analyzing this ’big data’ are something that nearly all researchers need. MBF Bioscience has and continues to address this big data need.


Modern imaging devices can produce data sets sized in the TBs. For example, our cutting edge ClearScope light sheet theta microscope allows researchers to image large intact tissue specimens in 3D with subcellular resolution, and generates gigabytes or even terabytes of data per experiment.


We’ve been working diligently to engineer solutions for the amazingly increased image sizes in image data collection. We have developed and recently released new high-performance technology that addresses the three main pillars of working with big data: managing, viewing, and analyzing big data.


Specifically, we’ve greatly improved the efficiency of our image handling and processing algorithms. Over the last two years, we’ve massively upgraded our core imaging technologies. Our new imaging engine makes viewing and processing the massive files generated by current imaging tools orders of magnitude more efficient.


A quote that highlights the amazing progress we’ve made in the big data realm comes from Peter Lang of our Technical Sales team. He says, “Huge data sets that used to take 45-minutes or more to load, now take about five-seconds to open. File size doesn’t really matter anymore”. These improvements also mean that image processing tasks like automated cell detection now take minutes instead of hours. This new imaging technology is included in all of our latest software offerings.


Our recent image handling and processing improvements fit perfectly with Biolucida, our cloud-based platform for storing, viewing, and accessing big image data. Biolucida lets researchers view and access large data sets from a web browser or any MBF Bioscience analysis software from anywhere with internet access. Big data doesn’t need to be copied around; it can be kept and accessed at one secure location.


Imaging technologies continue to advance, and data sets will get larger and larger. MBF Bioscience is ready. “Microscopic image data image will soon include Z-stacks comprised of tens-of-thousands of planes for characterizing whole organs at high resolution. Our software engineering team has created a format and architecture that’s ready for efficiently storing, viewing and analyzing these truly huge images.” said MBF Bioscience Product Manager Nate O’Connor. “We’re so excited to be ahead of the curve on not just big data acquisition, but also on being able to manage, view, and analyze it.”