Visualize and Quantify Dendritic Spine Morphology Over Time with the New Release of MicroDynamixSoftware

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Visualize and Quantify Dendritic Spine Morphology Over Time with the New Release of MicroDynamixSoftware

For Immediate Release

Williston, VT (February 11th, 2021)—MicroDynamixsoftware version 2021 is now available. This state-of-the-art dendritic-spine analysis application enables users to visualize and quantify spine morphology over time using powerful algorithms and detection methods.


Developed with input and support from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the new version of MicroDynamix software makes it easier than ever for neuroscientists to obtain accurate 4D dynamic analyses from in vivo images.


Use MicroDynamix to:

  • Track and quantify dendritic spine persistence, growth, loss, and transience in 3D images captured from a single specimen at different time points in your experiments.
  • Register and align images using your choice of three methods. Verify and fine-tune alignments with user-friendly tools.
  • Analyze your morphometric data using integrated quantitative analysis tools.
  • Produce customizable, publication-quality graphs and charts right in the software.

MicroDynamix is built on the framework developed for Neurolucida 360 software—the revolutionary, industry-leading tool used by neuroscientists to quickly and accurately reconstruct intricate neuronal structures. With its familiar user-controls and software layout, transitioning to MicroDynamix is easy for researchers who use Neurolucida 360 and want to conduct in-depth dendritic-spine analysis research. “MicroDynamix software was developed specifically to enable neuroscientists to quickly and easily contribute to our emerging understanding of the role of dendritic spine morphometrics in normal and abnormal neurophysiology,” says Scientific Director of MBF Bioscience, Dr. Susan Tappan.


With intelligent image alignment and registration options; automatic, yet customizable, state-of-the-art spine detection; and real-time interactive visualization of individual dendritic processes and spines at different time points MicroDynamix software is a novel and powerful tool for research involving dendritic spines.


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