NeuroInfo — New Release Features Faster Image Load and Deep Learning Cell Detection

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NeuroInfo — New Release Features Faster Image Load and Deep Learning Cell Detection

For Immediate Release  

Williston, VT (December 10, 2020) —NeuroInfo® is the most advanced software for mapping brain sections, 3D volumes and cell populations into a standardized atlas reference space. 


Optimized to enable researchers to work far more efficiently, the new NeuroInfo update means faster, more efficient measurements and mapping workflows. 


The new version of NeuroInfo includes: 

  • Identification and delineation of brain regions in experimental mouse-brain sections 
  • Automatic cell detection using deep learning to recognize and count specific neuronal subtypes 
  • Performance optimizations that result in up to 500x faster loading and viewing images; and 10x faster registration, mapping, and display of detected cells 
  • Comparative quantification analyses between mice from different experiments and laboratories using a simple, standardized workflow


NeuroInfo is integrated with the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas — a full-color, annotated 3D map of the mouse brain developed specifically for the benefit of the global neuroscience research community. By combining the Allen Brain Atlas’ vast dataset with the capabilities of NeuroInfo, researchers have the unique ability to facilitate their neuroanatomical analyses as well as compare their findings with those from labs around the world. 


NeuroInfo’s ability to automate quantifying anatomical structures in the brain and correlate that with the rich data within the Allen Brain Atlas is what makes NeuroInfo such a powerful tool for researchers, says MBF Bioscience Senior Product Manager Dr. Nathan OConnor. “NeuroInfo makes it possible for labs to standardize data across their experiments and across animal tissue. NeuroInfo makes highpowered research analyses available to almost any laboratory by automating the most labor intense parts of making brain-wide measurements across animals and laboratories.”  



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