Unveiling WormLab 2.0, the Latest Version of our Groundbreaking Worm Tracking Software

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We are delighted to introduce WormLab 2.0.  Our latest version of WormLab features an intuitive step-by-step workflow to analyze the locomotion and behavior of C. elegans and is now available to Mac and Windows 8 users. We’ve worked hard to improve our tracking algorithms, particularly our self-overlap and entanglement algorithms.  We’ve added whole plate mode for tracking many worms on a plate and added extensive camera support for over 1,400 different camera models.  Tracking is much faster throughout and the 64-bit version is even faster than the 32-bit version.

“Researchers are often overwhelmed by the painstaking frame by frame data collection process, often performed over hundreds of frames, which can be a tedious process.  With WormLab, video capture and tracking only take minutes so that researchers can focus on the meaningful part – analysis and interpretation.  Furthermore, the collected data is easily exported for more custom analysis to other software like Excel or Matlab,” says Jeff Sprenger, VP of Research.

Learn more about WormLab from our website and try WormLab 2.0 for free  for 30 days with full technical support.


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