Register for Thursday’s WormLab Webinar

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Register for Thursday’s WormLab Webinar

Learn how to use WormLab, our new software for tracking and analyzing the movement of C. elegans by taking our free webinar, Thursday, May 10, at 12pm EDT. Staff Scientist Dr. Susan Hendricks and Vice President of Research and Development Jeffrey Sprenger will lead an hour-long practical demonstration that will include:

• the detection, tracking, and analysis of single or multiple worms, even during interaction events;

•  viewing the many metrics and behaviors that are automatically calculated, including worm count, speed, direction, reversals, and omega bends;

•  capturing videos of worms on agar plates; and automatically loading and analyzing these videos.

Released last month, WormLab is a user-friendly new tool that facilitates the analysis of C. elegans locomotive behavior. Our Introduction to WormLab webinar will provide an excellent overview to the software, while providing current and prospective users an opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

Please register in advance for the free webinar, and visit the WormLab page on our website for more information about the software and to watch a video demonstration.