3D Slide Scanning

3D Slide Scanning

3D Whole Slide Imaging for image analysis, sharing or archiving

Create a 3D digital representation in high optical resolution of your entire tissue or region of interest directly in Neurolucida, Stereo Investigator or Microlucida with the 3D Slide Scanning Module. This powerful research tool acquires 3D image stacks at high magnification at any focal depth and automatically stitches them together for a complete and seamless 3D whole slide image ready for analysis, sharing or archiving.

Benefits of 3D Whole Slide Images

  • Increase the throughput of your microscope by transferring your 3D whole slide images to a workstation for analysis, freeing up your microscope for the next project.
  • A digital archive of your specimen for future use—this can be especially useful for fluorescent tissue that can degrade.
  • The 3D Slide Scanning Module can run unattended for easy acquisition of 3D specimens.

Quicker Neuron Tracing at High Magnifications

When combined with Neurolucida, the 3D Slide Scanning Module makes it easier to trace neurons at high magnifications. 3D whole slide images are acquired automatically, allowing you to begin tracing neurons immediately after the images have been acquired—no need to manually line up or stitch images. To save even more time, transfer your 3D whole slide images to a workstation with Neurolucida 360 for automatic neuron tracing.

More Efficient Unbiased Stereology

The 3D Slide Scanning Module gives you the ability to run multiple stereological probes with different parameters on the same region of interest using one image. This not only saves time, but also preserves fluorescent tissue since you only have to image the tissue once to gather a wide variety of data—the more images taken of fluorescent tissue, the more likely the tissue will fade or bleach.

Fully Integrated Solution for Acquiring and Viewing 3D Whole Slide Images

Microlucida and the 3D Slide Scanning Module integrate seamlessly with microscopes from all major manufacturers and with MBF Bioscience's full suite of imaging and analysis tools

Access and Analyze 3D Whole Slide Images from Anywhere in the World

Biolucida, MBF's solution for large-image file sharing, allows you to work with 3D whole slide images from anywhere in the world.

The 3D Slide Scanning Module has been developed with support from SBIR grants awarded by the NIMH

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