2D Slide Scanning

2D Slide Scanning

Create, view, and analyze an entire specimen in a single high-resolution image


Using a motorized stage, the 2D Slide Scanning Module automatically creates a montage by collecting a series of contiguous images from a tissue specimen and aligns, stitches, and blends them together into a seamless montage. The resulting high-resolution image can be used for analysis, collaboration, and publication.

The 2D Slide Scanning Module stores image information in multi-level pyramidal format, with each resolution level representing a different level of magnification. This enables fast navigation to any region of the slide, at any level.

The 2D Slide Scanning Module is available as an extension module for Stereo Investigator, Neurolucida, Vesselucida Microscope Edition and Microlucida. The 2D Slide Scanning Module offers JPEG 2000 support, providing both high compression and superior image quality.

The 2D Slide Scanning Module can add significant capabilities to your system, opening the door to numerous new imaging possibilities. To acquire 3D (x,y,z) whole-slide images, read about our 3D Slide Scanning Module.

The 2D Slide Scanning Module has been developed with support from SBIR grants awarded by the NIMH

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