Microscopic Imaging

MBF has solutions to capture microscope images, image stacks, and whole slide images, and we provide options to clarify those images. Whether you have a brightfield, widefield fluorescence, or laser-scanning confocal microscope, we can work with you to find the best imaging solution for you. 

Neurolucida for neuron tracing, Stereo Investigator for stereology, and Microlucida, a system specifically designed for microscope imaging, all have powerful imaging capabilities to acquire image stacks and whole slides. 

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For even clearer images, use deconvolution or structured illumination to reduce noise, haze, and out of focus light in your images.

Deconvolution uses a mathematical algorithm to remove light contamination from previously acquired images. This method works with images from brightfield, fluorescence, or laser-scanning confocal microscopes.

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With structured illumination, a piece of hardware is connected to a fluorescence microscope to capture only the light at the objective’s focal plane resulting in a confocal, high-resolution, high-contrast image for accurate data collection.  

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