Discover new worm tracking tools at the International C. elegans Meeting

19th C. elegansMBF Bioscience will be at the 19th International C. elegans meeting from Thrusday, June 27 to Saturday, June 29, at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Visit booth #110 to talk to our worm tracking experts and to try out the latest tools for worm tracking. We will have the latest version of WormLab to easily track the behavior of your worms and our new plate illuminator and camera stand to capture high-contrast videos of your worms for analysis.

Staff Scientist Julie Korich, Ph.D. and Jeff Sprenger, Vice President of R&D, will be at booth #110 to show you how to easily and accurately analyze the locomotory behavior of C. elegans with WormLab.

To learn how WormLab tracks and analyzes worms, or to download a free trial, please visit our website.

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