What's New - Neurolucida

Neurolucida Version 2020.2.1

Released September 2020

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Basler cameras are now supported
  • Checkbox to "Use local help system" added to Preferences
  • PC serial nuber is now available in the About menu

Issues Resolved:

  • The append contour option is no longer permanently disabled
  • Correct right-click menu options are now displayed after copying and pasting an arrow
  • Fixed the 'select by type' dropdown in the 3D window so that hidden contours appear
  • Fixed the display of 3D shell contours when switching between dialogs
  • Fixed a bug where the 3D stereo view setting was out of sync after opening a new data file
  • Fixed a bug where "Attach internal markers" attached markers outside contour
  • Fixed visual issues with flyout help control in preferences
  • Fixed a crash in slide scanning workflow step 3 when switching contour type
  • Fixed a crash when shifting Z value on tree with 2D manually traced spines
  • Fixed issues with drawing SVG export files
  • Fixed issue where manually drawn somas are incorrectly skinned
  • Clarified the text in the mouse-wheel preferences
  • User interface optimizations for multiple monitor resolutions that caused text and help buttons to be obscured
  • Fixed a crash when acquiring mono-color images with a color camera
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when canceling out of hardware setup
  • Fixed a bug where the batch filter window was layered on top of the file menu
  • Fixed a bug where correcting z shrinkage appeared to produce inconsistent results in orthoview
  • Fixed increment/decrement direction arrows in Preferences
  • Increased pixel window default size
  • Added tooltips to ortho view commands
  • Fixed a bug where inserting a section changed the top of all other sections
  • Fixed a bug where long marker names didn't display properly in the marker combo box in 3D window
  • Fixed the image organizer to no longer crash the program when painting thumbnails of closed images
  • Exporting movies at odd resolutions is no longer allowed as it causes rendering issues
  • Updated the way scrollbar size is determined in the 3D control panel

Neurolucida Version 2020.1.3

Released March 2020

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when copying circle contours.
  • Fixed issues related to hiding and revealing traced objects.
  • Fixed the Slide Scanning workflow, step 1 to consistently notify the user of a problem.
  • Fixed an issue that was generating a temporary file directory with assembly data in it for 2D slide scans that don't need the assembly file.
  • Fixed an issue with the preference "Show Objectives in Quick Access".
  • Chnage the default z-axis configuration to enable it for free software trials.
  • Fixed issue where mannually traced somas are incorrectly drawn.

Neurolucida Version 2020.1.2

Released March 2020

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed issue with images not loading properly.

Neurolucida Version 2020.1.1

Released February 2020

New Features and Enhancements 

  • Enables imporating of CSV or TXT files of regions or contour names.
  • Enables ability to search for names in the list of contours.
  • Added controls in the export tracing dialog for exporting images at a specific resolution.
  • Added an option in the Select Options to "select everything of this contour type".
  • Added a new, fast cursor option in preferences. Selecting this option addresses potential issues with cursor delay.
  • New montage option 'Order and align using image name'.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed a bug in image export that exported the background image at a low resolution.
  • Fixed an issue in which values in last step of the slide scanning workflow did not persist.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when Luminera camera is not installed.
  • Fixed a problem with rotating jpeg2000 images that could result in images that were too large or in the wrong location.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when cancelling the tool panel “Close All” button with Image Adjustment open.
  • Fixed issue with transparency slider in preferences.
  • Fixed issue when loading rgb nd2 images.
  • Fixed the inability to select spines placed in the 2.5D window in the 3D window.
  • Fixed the issue when scaling is over-ridden when images are opened in grid layout.
  • Fixed issue with ‘show current section’ was not respected in the 3D visualization window.
  • Fixed issue displaying large DAT files in the 3D visualization window.
  • Fixed crash that occurred when changing tracing options during the circle contour.


Neurolucida Version 2019.1.4

Released November 2019

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed a crash when embedding a scalebar in an image.

Neurolucida Version 2019.1.3

Released July 2019

New Features and Enhancements

  • Cell detection workflow -step3: Added input text box to filtering slider under Parameters.
  • Added font options and thickness to scalebar

Issues Resolved

  • AutoContour would resize the AutoMove box.
  • Cell detection workflow - step 4: Strength filter doesn’t work.
  • Cell detection workflow - step 3: Preview doesn’t work properly.
  • Clarified scaling options when loading more than one image.
  • Images: Associated image doesn’t open with data file.
  • Slide scanning workflow: Issues with multichannel acquisitions; number error message.
  • Slide scanning workflow where the scan would always start at 0 when doing a 3D scan with no focus map.
  • Crash related to SSM and show current section.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong background color was used when exporting svg in monochrome.
  • 3D contours: Contour color may change when selecting a different option under ‘Show as.’
  • Fix for multi-channel single plane lif images displaying all image data in each channel.
  • Slice transparency changes when changing panels.

Neurolucida Version 2019.1.2

Released March 2019

New Features and Enhancements

  • Slide Scan workflow - step 1: fluorescent scan automatically selected when multichannel is enabled
  • Slide Scan workflow - step 8: "acquire sample image" unchecked by default
  • Slide Scan workflow - step 10: users no longer prompted to save background correction image (brightfield only)
  • File>Preferences: "show lens in Quick Access toolbar" added

Issues Resolved

  • Slide Scan workflow- step 1: step icon not updating after an error.
  • Slide Scan workflow - step 7: default fill color for brightfield was black; changed to white; fill

    color not in sync with controls.
  • Slide Scan workflow - step 8: sample acquisition operation may hang; controls are disabled

    when Sample Acquire in not checked; xmp error when scanning a sample.
  • File>Preferences: “Show marker name” checkbox doesn’t stay checked.
  • 3D contour editing: Contour color box doesn't reflect the color of the selected contour; circle editing doesn’t allow the circle to be small.

Neurolucida Version 2019.1.1

Released January 2019

New Features and Enhancements

  • Automatic cell detection workflow added to speed up detection process.
  • Slide scan workflow added to simplify slide scanning
  • Completely redesigned Preferences panels with a handy search functionality
  • Export: New “Set neuron colors” button and button to launch neuron preferences (#159494231); scalebar color and placement controls; new EMF detail slider.
  • Huron support: Huron jpeg files, definition for Huron file extension, support for Huron TIFF images
  • Markers: Ability to set multiple markers as locus simultaneously, either by right-clicking marker in the marker bar, or by selecting multiple markers and changing locus status from right-click menu.
  • 3D contour editing: Added button to reset all selected contours/shells back to Line mode display.
  • Slide scanning assembly operation: added notification about missing tiles or partial assembly; enabled assembly with missing tiles for partial acquisitions.
  • Sections: Display warning message when user attempts to change sections while moving to the next section.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed circle contours cannot not be placed in a section. 
  • Fixed crash when splicing contours while the Contour Measurements window is open. 
  • Fixed meander scan doesn’t display right-click menu options with square or circle contours.
  • Fixed issues when deleting a tree with an attached marker.
  • Fixed asymmetrical depth filter was removed from program, now available from Orthogonal View.
  • Fixed Go Here operation changed to move to the nearest bitmap instead of Z value user clicked on.
  • Fixed images misaligned in exports.
  • Fixed when tracing outside of the export area was still visible, open contours have sharp edges.
  • Fixed scalebar color change isn’t implemented in vector graphics.
  • Fixed color by Branch Order 2D doesn't reflect 3D.
  • Fixed 2D and 3D thicknesses not consistent after changing thickness.
  • Fixed when moving the point near a node in 2D, the surface in 3D wasn't built correctly.
  • Fixed sometimes incorrect scaling resulting from dragging multiple image files into the application
  • Fixed multiple problems processing large jpeg2000 files.
  • Fixed don’t resize with micron sizing selected.
  • Fixed edit button in 3D doesn't show any text.
  • Fixed marquee selection wasn't working in Points mode and caused crash.
  • Fixed displayed Marker panel instead of Contour panel when clicking Edit button.
  • Fixed changing contour appearance was not reflected in selected contour.
  • Fixed contour shell could not be built. 
  • Fixed the surface was not being updated when switching to Points mode.
  • Fixed color change and transparency were not applied.
  • Fixed points mode crashed or didn't move the correct point for circle and freeform contours.
  • Fixed marker sizing UI issue.
  • Fixed 3D movies: Zooming didn’t work when using perspective projection.
  • Removed caliber .DAT from image format list.
  • Removed.fpx from Image open drop-down.
  • Fixed text-based codestream comments in J2K files were not readable as text with KDU library -> now you can use a Hex Editor: simply search for "Compression" and change the Hex byte directly before it from 00 to 01.
  • Fixed rounding error with partial projection thickness. 
  • Fixed changes to the partial projection thickness and position can now be applied using the Enter key.
  • Modified device code for Leica scopes so that device command sequences made with old state names will still work on devices that have had their state names updated to be more descriptive state.
  • Fixed Leica.cpp and h Enabled code for adding fast filter wheel.
  • Small modification to Leica scope code to accommodate what appears to be a modification in the format of Port information delivered by the Leica SDK.
  • Fixed issue with Modify Section dialog where changes to current section checkboxes persisted despite cancellation.
  • Fixed scaling and original position information couldn’t be stored in some 2D images created with the Scan Slide operation.
  • Added ability to remove X-Cite devices when the device is not implemented by that specific model (120PC, eXacte, 120LED, XYLIS) of X-Cite light source.
  • Added new persisted setting to support X-Cite XYLIS light source XCite.cpp and h XCiteSetup.cpp and h Added support for the X-Cite XYLIS light source.
  • Fixed device Controls gear button launches old Preferences.

Neurolucida Version 2018.1.2

Released June 2018

New Features and Enhancements

  • Movie production in 3D: Redesigned and expanded functionality.
  • Mouse wheel: Function toggles between zooming and focusing depending on cursor location.
  • Tracing: Tracing commands in ribbon bar now disabled during Joy Track mode.

Issues Resolved

  • Image stack module: Fixed confocal authorization used to check image stack authorization.
  • Multichannel acquisition: Fixed saving/loading/deleting Multichannel presets.
  • Splicing: Fixed crash when splicing data; reset thickness selections to prevent crash.
  • Opening images: Fixed crash when launching 3D window after closing and reopening images in the main window
  •  Markers: Fixed markers deleted using marquee select do not stay deleted; Issues with selecting markers when using Display Flanking in Serial Section Manager.
  • 3D editing: Fixed crash when editing a 2D tracing in 3D.
  • 3D tree editing: Fixed crash after tree deletion then image rotation.
  • 3D snapshot: Fixed after taking a snapshot, image disappears in 3D window or quad view doesn't show or current zoom level not preserved.
  • Tracing:Fixed crash when going from tree mode to contour mode; Show/Hide Tracing menu option not synched between 2D and 3D.
  • Turboscan:Fixed compiler didn’t not display without video authorization.
  • VSI: Fixed some VSI files didn’t open when using File>Open stack.
  • STL: Fixed no file is created when exporting an STL.

Neurolucida Version 2018.1.1

Released May 2018

Issues Resolved

  • VSI images: Now loading full dynamic range and correctly reading files that were cropped using Olympus software.
  • Zeiss Axioplan 2i or Axioplan 2ie microscope: If the device state toolbar is set to the objective turret, changing the objective to one that requires an oil stop will no longer be a possible cause for crash.
  • AxioCam: Updated mcam_zei.h and mcam_zei_ex.h files.
  • 3D tree editing: Partial projection now clips trees during editing.