Fast and Versatile Slide Scanner Designed for Neuroscience Research

The TissueScope, engineered in collaboration with Huron Digital Pathology, is a fast and versatile whole slide scanner that is super-charged with MBF Bioscience big data handling technology to easily stream high-quality image data to quantitative analysis with all of MBF Bioscience software.

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Customer Reviews

"MBF provides excellent technical support and helps you to find the best technical tools for your research challenges on morphometry."
Wilma Van De Berg, Ph.D.
VU University Medical Center - Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam
"Our experience with the MBF equipment and especially the MBF people has been outstanding. I cannot speak any higher about their professionalism and attention for our needs."
Bogdan A. Stoica, M.D.
University of Maryland
"MBF Bioscience is extremely responsive to the needs of scientists and is genuinely interested in helping all of us in science do the best job we can."
Sigrid Veasey, M.D.
University of Pennsylvania


  • Brightfield slide scanner that handles up to twelve, 1”x 3” (25mm x 75mm) slides, six, 2” x 3” (50mm x 75mm) slides or any single slide up to 6” x 8” (150mm x 200mm)
    • Handles large specimens, such as human brain sections, that most other scanners can’t handle.
    • For 60 micron section, slides containing an entire mouse brain can be mounted in a single tray
  • Fast: <1 minute per slide (15mm x 15mm section at 20x)
  • High Resolution: 0.2 at 40x, 0.4 at 20x with optical resolution of 0.75na
  • Versatile: 2D and 3D slide scanning
  • Easy to Use: Automatic tissue detection and automatic focus
  • Easy to Manage: Image-based barcode reading
  • Big Data Handling: File format optimized for streaming with Biolucida image server and for analysis
  • Optional slide loader capabilities to easily scan up to 120 standard or 60 double-wide slides, or even larger slides up to 6" x 8"
1"x 3" Slides

2"x 3" Slides

Any Size Slides up to 6"x 8"


Whole Slide Scanning

Acquiring high-resolution digital images of histology slides is easier than ever with the ongoing advancements in microscope image acquisition hardware and software. Resource consumption from digital/virtual slides is minimal and the benefits are numerous. Whole slide scanning provides numerous benefits to scientists such as the ability to:

  • Create digital archives of tissue specimens that never degrade and don't require special physical storage
  • Preserve fluorescence indefinitely
  • Minimize photodamage from repeated microscopic imaging
  • Store, transfer, and share whole slide image data that you can access from any computer system
  • Analyze large 2D and 3D image data files on a dedicated workstation separate from the microscope
  • Perform essential data analyses such as stereology for counting cells and quantifying volumes
  • Develop image content for scientific publications and presentations


MBF Solutions for Whole Slide Images

Our world-class, award winning software combined with our new TissueScope slide scanner provides a fully integrated solution for image acquisition, image management, and image analysis.

  • Generates full-resolution 3D whole organ reconstructions from 2D whole slide images
  • Visualize the entire organ to see neuronal pathways, cell distributions, vascular patterns, and additional features
  • Maps cell distributions



• View, manage and share image stacks, 2D & 3D whole-slide images, and image stacks

The ultimate solution for handling big image data from light sheet and confocal microscopes as well as whole slide images from slide scanners

Versions available for research, medical education, and online publishing


• Generates full-resolution 3D whole brain reconstructions from 2D whole slide images

• Visualize the entire brain to see neuronal pathways, cell distributions, vascularpatterns, and additional features

• Maps cell distributions

• Specially designed for big image data

Stereo Investigator Whole Slide Edition®  

• Unbiased stereology for whole slide images

• Quantifies number, length, volume, and surface area of cells, structures, and regions

• Specially designed for analyzing large whole slide images


• Automatically delineates and identifies brain regions on experimental sections

• Integrates with the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas

• Identifies and maps cell distributions within brain regions

Tissue Mapper®  

• Automatically outlines periphery of histological sections

• Quickly populates a custom anatomy list for comprehensive annotation



• Generates full-resolution 3D whole organ reconstructions from 2D whole slide images

Visualize the entire organ to see neuronal pathways, cell distributions, vascular patterns, and additional features

• Maps cell distributions



    Professional Technical Support

    When you call us you will speak with a person - not an automated system. Talk to us about your hardware, software, or experimental design questions. Our team includes Ph.D. neuroscientists and experts in microscopy, stereology, neuron tracing, and image processing; ready to help you over the phone or online.

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