Structured Illumination

Structured Illumination

An Affordable, Fully Integrated Quantitative Confocal System

Widefield Image

Structured Illumination Image

Clearer Images for More Accurate Results

Structured Illumination microscopy allows researchers to clearly visualize multiple labels and co-localization within a biological specimen. This technique captures only the light at the objective's focal plane, resulting in a confocal, high-resolution, high-contrast image for accurate data collection. The structured illumination module provides fast imaging at a much lower price point and greater versatility than laser scanning confocal systems.

Our Structured Illumination Module seamlessly integrates with Stereo InvestigatorNeurolucida, Vesselucida Microscope Edition or Microlucida software with structured illumination hardware such as the Zeiss ApoTome, Olympus DSU, or Qioptiq OptiGrid - turning your fluorescent microscope into a confocal microscope.


Fully Integrated Confocal Stereology for Everyone

Stereo Investigator with CSI allows you to gather data rapidly and with clarity to reduce visual bias caused by out-of-focus light. Using the built-in workflows in Stereo Investigator, you can acquire multi-channel confocal 3D image stacks at each of your systematic random sampling sites and then seamlessly use your image data on a Stereo Investigator workstation for offline analysis. The Structured Illumination Module works seamlessly with Stereo Investigator to provide you with a turn-key solution for confocal stereology. Stereo Investigator with the Structured Illumination Module can work unattended, even overnight, so you can acquire multi-channel 3D image stack series or acquire multi-channel 2D and 3D image montages (using the Virtual Slice module) without needing to be at the microscope.


Acquire Confocal Image Stacks for Automatic 3D Reconstructions 

An offline Neurolucida workstation and Vesselucida Microscope Edition can provide you with the quantitative morphological capabilities you need. Use the Structured Illumination Module on the microscope system to acquire high-contrast, high-quality confocal images and then seamlessly use that image data with a Neurolucida workstation or Vesselucida Microscope Edition for accurate automatic tracing. Analyze more data in less time.



Easily Create 2D & 3D Image Montages and 3D Image Stacks with Microlucida

The Structured Illumination Module can also be added to Microlucida to create a powerful and easy-to-use confocal image acquisition system. Acquire 2D or 3D images in many file formats including JPEG2000. Microlucida and the Structured Illumination Module provide a user interface that makes acquiring complex multi-channel confocal images accessible to everyone.


Make Confocal Multi-Channel Virtual Slides

Combining the Structured Illumination Module with the virtual slides (slide scanning) modules in Neurolucida, Stereo Investigator or Microlucida allows you to easily create confocal virtual slides for analysis, visualization, archiving or publication.




  • Perform sophisticated multi-channel histological quantitative analyses.
  • Collect clear, accurate confocal fluorescence images.
  • Handle demanding multichannel microscopy - our software handles up to six channels at once.
  • A fully integrated hardware and software system, supported by a single company.
  • Affordable confocal microscopy.
  • Flexibility - one microscope can be used for brightfield, multi-channel fluorescence and confocal image acquisition.
  • Easy to use and maintain and does not require a lot of training.
Already have a microscope from Zeiss, Olympus, Leica or Nikon? Upgrade to a confocal system today, or let us configure a complete turnkey solution for you.


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