Stereo Investigator Customer Reviews

"Stereo Investigator is the most reliable tool for collecting unbiased stereology data. It’s backed by excellent technical and research support teams at MBF. You can call to ask about stereology probes, tissue preparation, microscope hardware, basically anything regarding your stereology study."

Mark West, M.D., Ph.D.

Aarhus University, Denmark


"We’ve been very happy for many years with MBF products and the course of upgrades and improvements. Your service department is outstanding. I have gotten great help from Geoff and many others with the software and hardware. "

William E. Armstrong, Ph.D.

Director of Neuroscience Institute

University of Tennessee


"Stereo Investigator is powerful yet easy to use. The staff at MBF Bioscience is always helpful answering our questions and recommending optimal ways to conduct our stereological analyses."

Matthew Goldberg, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


"Since we purchased our system four years ago, our experience with the MBF equipment and especially the MBF people has been outstanding. I cannot speak any higher about their professionalism and attention for our needs. "

Bogdan A. Stoica, M.D.

Assistant Professor

University of Maryland, School of Medicine


"Stereo Investigator was particularly useful for estimating cell density in larger brain structures, such as the inferior colliculus."

Matt Pitts, Ph.D.

University of Hawaii


"Stereo Investigator is great for stereology. Although there is no field representation in the UK, the team in Vermont have been excellent at supporting us in our research applications. With online support and real time meetings and webinars, we've been able to make substantial progress on our research projects. MBF aren't afraid of a technical challenge, which is excellent, and have managed to provide us an excellent solution for our complex research needs."

Anne Wheeler, Advanced Imaging Facility Manager

Queen Mary, University of London


"Stereo Investigator has been the workhorse of our Microvascular Pathology Lab for the last six years. We have been able to measure vascular density with an accuracy never before available to our studies and more recently SI has provided efficient and precise comparisons of hypoxia and ischemic damage in cerebral vessels and neurons. The helpfulness, availability and experience of the MBF staff has been extraordinary. I would recommend any of their products wholeheartedly."

Clara Thore, Ph.D.

Wake Forest University


"Stereo Investigator is an excellent research tool for unbiased stereology. In our research group when we set out to quantify the complex network nerves residing in the stomach mucosa. With Stereo Investigator we were able to get accurate estimates of numbers and show differences between your study groups without the introduction of sampling bias."

Mona Selim, Research Associate

University of Minnesota


"Stereo Investigator is a excellent stereology system. It is easy to work with and the workflows help you to work very efficiently. It is a crucial research tool for obtaining estimates of number of neurons, length of capillaires, length density of fibers, volume measurements of regions of interests or neurons, etc in specific brain regions. I would like to recommend it to everybody who is interested in stereology. In addition, MBF provides excellent technical support and helps you to find the best technical tools for your research challenges on morphometry."

Wilma Van De Berg, Ph.D.

VU University Medical Center - Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam


"We have used Stereo Investigator for over 10 years now. The service and technical support is always great and they keep adding new updates with more tools. "

Paula Bickford, Ph.D.

University of South Florida


"We've used Stereo Investigator for 10+ years. The technical support is outstanding, and the company itself it highly responsive to their customers."

Glenn Rosen, Ph.D.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center


"If there is another program for unbiased stereology, I don't know what it is. This is the gold standard, and I can't say enough to praise the technical support provided by MBF Bioscience."

Bob Jacobs, Ph.D.

Colorado College


"I have been using the Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator software from MicroBrightField for the last 5 years, and this software has become an essential part of my research program. Whether it is 3 dimensional reconstruction, counting particular particles or mapping the developing and adult vascular, these programs are a scientific must. I personally have been able to push my research in ways that would otherwise not have been possible. Furthermore, the ability to quantitate and detect subtle differences is and will continue to be critical to my scientific program. I would highly recommend these companion programs to any research scientist."

Sunder Sims-Lucas, Ph.D.

Columbus Children’s Research Institute


"Our Stereo Investigator system works perfectly. We use it every day and don't have any problems whatsoever. Thanks for the good system."

Grazyna Rajkowska, Ph.D.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center