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Impaired AMPARs translocation into dendritic spines with motor skill learning in the Fragile X mouse model

10 March 2023
Suresh, A. and A. Dunaevsky

Impaired AMPARs translocation into dendritic spines with motor skill learning in the Fragile X mouse model. eneuro: ENEURO.0364-0322.2023. >> View Publication


Clustered synapses develop in distinct dendritic domains in visual cortex before eye opening

02 March 2023
Leighton, A. H., J. E. Cheyne, et al.

Clustered synapses develop in distinct dendritic domains in visual cortex before eye opening. bioRxiv: 2023.2003.2002.530772. >> View Publication


Probing inter-areal computations with a cellular resolution two-photon holographic mesoscope

03 March 2023
Abdeladim, L., H. Shin, et al.

Probing inter-areal computations with a cellular resolution two-photon holographic mesoscope. bioRxiv: 2023.2003.2002.530875. >> View Publication

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