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Product Overview

The Rapid Multi Region (RMR) scanner increases your microscope’s imaging rate by subdividing the field of view into multiple regions of interest. Its novel design combines the flexibility of two galvos and the speed of a resonant scanner into an integrated, compact device. The scanner is fully compatible with ScanImage‘s powerful scanning modes. The flexible mounting options allow straightforward installation on a number of commercial 2P microscopes, including the Thorlabs BScope and Sutter MOM, as well as DIY microscopes.

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Key Benefits

The RMR is a resonant-galvo galvo module for 2P microscopes. It was developed as a novel solution for neuroscientists seeking to scan multiple regions of interest with high time resolution.  

The RMR is superior to typical resonant-galvo configurations, in which if you have several small regions-of-interest (ROIs) within a larger field-of-view, you could scan the full field of view and then only analyze the ROIs you are interested in. However, you pay a price in frame rate because you’re spending a lot of time raster scanning areas that you’re not interested in.

The additional galvo in the RMR allows you to raster scan a small region and then move that around in X and Y.

Integrated resonant and 2x galvo mirrors

Compatible with Thorlabs Bscope II, Sutter MOM, and DIY microscopes

2x Cambridge galvo 6215H mirrors

Cambridge resonant mirror 8kHz

Group delay dispersion < 1000fs^2

FOV: 20 degree optical

Suitable for a laser beam diameter up to 4mm

30mm cage mountable

Controller box included


Description Value Unit
Input Voltage Nominal 100-120 V (AC)
Input Voltage Range 90-132 V (AC)
Input Voltage Frequency 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption (maximum) 1050 W
Pollution Degree IPX0 (unprotected)
Input Beam Diameter < 4 mm
Group Dispersion Delay < 1000 fs2
Maximum Galvo Line Rate at Full Amplitude < 1000 Hz
Resonant Scanner Frequency (Nominal) 8000 Hz
Galvo Scan Angle +-10 degrees (optical)
Resonant Scan Angle +-13 degrees (optical)
Usable Resonant Scan Angle Before Clipping Occurs +-10 degrees (optical)
Weight Scan Head 1.5 kg
Dimensions Scan Head

180 x

202 x


Dimensions Controller Box 483 x 364 x 89 mm
Weight Controller 7 kg
Maximum Noise Level at 1m distance Lpl(20 µPa) 45 dB(A)

Lu, J., Behbahani, A.H., Hamburg, L. et al. Transforming representations of movement from body- to world-centric space. Nature 601, 98–104 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-021-04191-x


Download Rapid Multi Region Scanner product sheet here.

Who Is Using RMR Scanners?

RMR scanners are used across the globe by the most prestigious laboratories. 

Cited in Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications

MBF’s software utility is underscored by the number of references it receives in the worlds most important scientific publications. See examples below: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use the RMR scanner in a galvo-galvo configuration?

Yes.  It is not required to drive the resonant scanners all the time.  You can use it only for experiments where it is needed and leave it disabled for others.

Does the RMR scanner require ScanImage to operate?

No.  The RMR scanner can be operated by any system that can generate the appropriate control signals.

I need to perform resonant scanning at 12kHz. Is this possible?

We can custom-build an RMR scanner with a 12kHz resonant scanner.  Please contact to discuss this option.

What microscopes are the RMR compatible with?

The RMR has flexible mounting options allows installation on a Thorlabs BScope, a Sutter MOM and DIY microscopes.


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