Stereo Investigator®Whole Slide Edition Version History

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Stereo Investigator® - Whole Slide Edition Version 2023.1.1 (Latest Version)

Released February 2023

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Updated image processing and image-handling engines that greatly increase the speed of loading, viewing, and saving images  
    • Image and data files load noticeably faster than in previous releases.  
    • Image adjustments are immediately displayed in both the 2D and 3D windows 
  • Easier software authorization: the software autofills the online Authorization Request Form with information about your computer system. Just fill in a few fields with information about you and your lab to submit the form.  
  • Outline Sections function automatically draws contours around tissue sections 
  • Pipeline Ribbon organizes automatic tools in one place 
  • Batch pipeline for image filtering multiple files with minimal effort 
  • Research Resource Identifier (RRID) is now recorded in every xml data file.  
  • New Freehand Selection tools provide more options for selecting markers or contours.