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ScanImage® 2023.1.0

Released December 2023

New Universal Features

  • Incrementally shift the FOV of the Mini2P (Mirrorcle MEMS) when zoomed in from the main window
  • Add reference coordinate space option for defining arbitrary stack planes relative to the range of the fastZ device (e.g., to facilitate using the Thorlabs liquid crystal analog fastZ device)
  • The volume flyback trajectory is now configurable for FastZ devices. This is good for any custom field curvature correction.
  • Add pixel and line clock for NI LinScan imaging systems
  • In Beam Controls, split beam blanking checkbox into X axis blanking and Y axis blanking checkboxes


New Premium Features


Visit the ScanImage changelog to see all of the changes in this version

ScanImage® 2023.0.0

Released July 2023

New Universal Features

  • Motion Estimation

    • Averaged frames can now be used as a basis for image correlation

    • The rate of Motion Estimation can now be throttled by a configurable number of averaged frames

  • Manual Stage-to-scanner alignment method

  • Galvos and SLMs are now supported as Display Dragging devices

  • Upgraded vDAQ FPGA bitfiles to allow all time multiplexed channels to be averaged on the FPGA (users can select up to 64 virtual channels on the High Speed vDAQ)

  • The vDAQ FPGA is now equipped with a pixel multiplication module, which can multiply extremely low pixel values in real-time (e.g., useful during low dwell time photon counting).


New Premium Features

  • Power Box sample correction can now be compensated using Motion Estimation

  • The SLM diffraction efficiency can now be defined by supplying a function instead of requiring a substage camera alignment

  • Retain sample phase with the laser clock between imaging sessions with new automated laser phase tracking for low repetition rate lasers on the High Speed vDAQ.

  • The High Speed vDAQ now has a specialized bitfile that supports laser repetition rates down to 62 kHz


Visit the ScanImage changelog to see all of the changes in this version

ScanImage® 2022.1.0

Released January 2023

New Premium Features

  • Sample tracking Power Boxes
  • Import Tile Manager images into the ROI Group Editor
  • Multiple Regions of Interest scanning support for polygonal scanning
  • VTK viewer can render a tapered, irregularly shaped ROI

Universal New Features

  • SI Coordinate System management for multiple objectives
  • Externally Triggerable Scripts
  • Support for Meadowlark Optics 1024 x 1024 SLM
  • Improved implementation for Thorlabs MCM6000
  • GUIs Recoloring implementation to save, load, and apply coloring to windows of ScanImage. Useful for dual acquisition engines.



  • Improvement to sample clock synchronization on standard speed vDAQs
  • Improved fastZ stack with step waveform in RggScan
  • Improvements to the Data Recorder
  • Fix Photostim ROI Group Optimization button
  • NI LinScan Live Image from ROI Group Editor now pulls from correct channels
  • Pan and Zoom in Y while polygonal scanning

ScanImage® 2022.0.0 and Newer

Released July 2022

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New Documentation Pages


New Features

  • Zaber stage display dragging control
  • Waveform Generator
  • Waveform Recorder
  • Polygonal scanning implemented for both vDAQ and NI Systems
  • QLM License Manager

ScanImage® 2021.1.0

Released December 2021

New Features

  • 3D visualization of stack data


Hardware Improvements

  • Galvo control: Add configurable voltage offset.
  • Meadowlark SLM 512×512 now end-of-life
  • Meadowlark SLM 1920 Linked to newest Meadowlark driver
  • Added Support for NI DAQmx 21.3.x
  • Stack controls: Modified behavior of actuator lag to only apply time shift control signal.
  • Shutters: Add safeguard option to prevent opening when pointing beams.
  • Arbitrary line scanning: Improved data processing performance.
  • vDAQ: Breakout display now visualizes IO pin values.
  • Sutter MP285-A: Velocity parameter now settable

ScanImage® 2021.0.0

Released June 2021


  • New Tile Manager Feature
  • Scientifica Holostim 3D support
  • Motorized half-wave plate support
  • PI-E861 PiezoWalk Controller support
  • Thorlabs PMTs 2xxx improvements


ScanImage Improvements

  • Improved startup times
  • Zaber stage lockstep support
  • Channel histogram view
  • Beams GUI/configuration overhaul
  • Galvo offset voltage configurable
  • General stability improvements

ScanImage® 2020.1.1

Released January 2021

PI Piezo Driver Changes

  • Default to closed loop.



  • Large stack start performance

ScanImage® 2020.1.0

Released December 2020
  • High speed vDAQ support
  • Photon counting
  • Time Multiplexed Acquisition
  • Motor system
  • Software limits for Z motion
  • New driver for Thorlabs Kinesis motors
  • New Zaber stage driver (requires Matlab 2017b or later)
  • New Scientifica stage driver
  • New Marzhauser Tango driver
  • Cameras
    uManager 2.0 support
  • SLM photostimulation
  • Improved workflow for SLM alignment
    • NOTE: when upgrading from an older ScanImage version, the SLM alignment needs to be redone

ScanImage® 2020.0.0

Released August 2020

Enhanced user experience

  • New configuration editor
  • Apply configuration changes without restart
  • Breakout panel visualization for vDAQ
  • Device widgets
  • New beams system
  • USB connection for PI Piezos


National Instruments

  • NI DAQmx 20.1 support

ScanImage® 2019bR1

Released April 2020


  • NEW Support vDAQ firmware A1
  • Mirrorcle support
  • Improved DMA transfer
  • National Instruments:
  • NI DAQmx 19.6 support


Meadowlark SLM

  • Enable triggering support

ScanIamge® 2019bR0

Released December 2019
  • vDAQ Support
  • Live Motor Updates
  • New Stack Controls
  • 3D Shot workflow

ScanImage® 2019aR0

Released June 2019
  • New Remote Control Feature
  • SLM Diffraction Efficiency Calibration
  • vDAQ Hardware
  • New Licensing Model
  • ASI stage controllers
  • [Polygonal Mirrors] Support
  • [DAQmx] 19.0 support

ScanImage® 2018bR1

Released December 2018
  • Improvements to Camera View GUI.

ScanImage® 2018b

Released October 2018
  • 3D Motion Correction
  • Oscilloscope Mode
  • Widefield Camera Support
  • Support for Meadowlark Overdrive

ScanImage® 2018a

Released June 2018
  • Photon Counting using a fast digitizer
  • 3D Motion Correction
  • Acquisition Gating for low rep rate Lasers
  • Offline Data Viewer

ScanImage® 2017b

Released December 2017
  • Z Motion Correction
  • Improved Galvo Waveforms
  • Eliminated FastZ Volume Period Adjustment
  • Custom Header Properties

ScanImage® 2016b

Released March 2017
  • SLM & Galvo/Galvo targeted Photostimulation,
  • Support for 2P Mesoscope, multi-ROI (MROI) imaging; FastZ step mode,
  • Motion Correction, Online analysis, arbitrary line scanning,
  • Optimization and caching of waveform AO’s
  • PLUS all features in SI5