MicroFile+ Version History

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MicroFile+® Version 2021 (Latest Version)

Released 2021

New Features and Enhancements:


  • Convert image data into two standard formats:
    • jpeg2000
    • OME tiff
  • Easily add and edit metadata pertaining to your files
  • Efficiently and accurately convert 2D and 3D images from almost any source and format into manageable, standardized file formats
  • Convert data from slide scanners, confocal microscopes, light sheet microscopes, and standard sources
  • Convert fluorescence images with no limits on the number of fluorescence and bright field channels in the experiment
  • MicroFile+ software uses multi-threading to optimally utilize computer resources ranging from standard Windows computers to advanced multi-core workstations
  • Compatible input file formats include:
    • JPEG2000 (.jp2)
    • JPEG (.jpg)
    • TIFF (.tif)
      • Generic TIFF
      • Vesalius TIFF
      • Flowview TIFF (Olympus)
      • OME TIFF
      • Keyence TIFF
      • Imaris TIFF
    • Zeiss CZI (.czi)
    • Leica LIF (.lif)
    • LSM
    • SVS/Huron
    • CaliberID
    • OIB/OIF
    • Imaris IMS
    • ND2
    • NDPI