MicroDynamix®Version History

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MicroDynamixNew Features (Latest Version)

Version 2024.1.1 
Released March 2024

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Updated user interface for easier navigation
  • Improved navigation through experimental timepoints, with new icons for Previous Image/Next Image and Previous Image Pair/Next Image Pair
  • You can now place markers and associate them with each other
  • New quantitative analyses including:
    • Dendritic length
    • Spine count
    • XYZ coordinates of spines
    • Marker change ratio
  • Improved data export; you can now export all analyses at once to Excel or CSV format
  • Image filters, including an in vivo specific filter, are now available through the new Batch Pipeline
  • Updated image processing and image-handling engines that greatly increase the speed of loading, viewing, and saving images
  • Easier software authorization: MicroDynamix autofills the online Authorization Request Form with information about your computer system. Just add information about you and your lab to submit the form
  • Floating licenses are now available that enable you to use Microdynamix on more than one computer


Version 2021.1.1
New Features and Enhancements:


  • Display changes in each viewport are applied to the viewport that is currently active. Changes to the viewport display will remain active independent from the time point being viewed
  • Image data adjustments are retained throughout the active sessions and can be saved with the image file
  • Added the ability to turn on/off center and zoom in association mode
  • Added a new, Remove Tracings button that makes it easy to start anew without having to reload and re-align image stacks
  • Expanded the list of supported file formats
  • Simplified software authorization
  • Image data is now included within the program installer