Overlapping image stacks taken on a fluorescence or confocal microscope can be stitched together automatically to create a 3D montage of a region of interest. This is particularly helpful when analyzing an object larger than one field of view, for example when tracing a neuron that branches extensively.  

The Image Montaging Module automatically aligns and stitches together your previously acquired 3D image stacks or 2D images to produce a single high-resolution image. Digitally re-create your region of interest at a high magnification for a detailed image that you can further analyze with Neurolucida, and Stereo Investigator, publish in a paper, save in an archive, or share and save with Biolucida. Automatically montage several images, a dozen, or even hundreds of images.

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When you call us you will speak with a person - not an automated system. Talk to us about your hardware, software, or experimental design questions. Our team includes Ph.D. neuroscientists and experts in microscopy, stereology, neuron tracing, and image processing; ready to help you over the phone or online.

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