Acquisition (Microscopic imaging)

Acquisition (Microscopic Imaging)

Microlucida is a system specifically for microscope imaging, but Neurolucida for neuron tracing and Stereo Investigator for stereology also have powerful imaging capabilities. Any one of these systems can be paired with imaging modules to go beyond capturing 2D images of a single field of view. Available options include adding:

In addition, you can add deconvolution or structured illumination to reduce haze and out-of-focus light for much clearer and sharper microscope images.

Learn more about structured illumination

With structured illumination, a piece of hardware is connected to a fluorescence microscope to capture only the light at the objective’s focal plane resulting in a confocal, high-resolution, high-contrast image for accurate data collection.  

Microlucida, Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator fully integrate with your microscope and associated hardware to reduce manual work and to speed up image collection. Any one of these systems can:

  • control motorized stages
  • control cameras to change or save settings for future use
  • operate the focus knob or change objectives
  • change filter turrets, filter wheels, and mirror cubes when acquiring fluorescent images or image stacks

Each system works with brightfield, multi-channel fluorescence, confocal, structured illumination, and two-photon microscopes. 

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