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The Iowa Virtual Slidebox

The Iowa Virtual Slidebox is an open access collection of virtual slides (whole slide images) for teaching histology and histopathology. There are over 1,000 high resolution virtual slides in this collection.

Please download the free Biolucida Viewer to access the Iowa Virtual Slidebox

After installation, click the ‘Browser’ tab and then select the histology or histopathology collection to view the slides.


Created by:

Fred R. Dee, MD

Timothy Leaven, MA

University of Iowa

Department of Pathology


Supported by a grant from:

National Library of Medicine


What is Biolucida?

Biolucida is a tool for teaching histology and pathology with virtual slides. Biolucida consists of a server, server software, and a viewer. The viewer is a free app that anyone can download to view virtual slides that are open to the public. A complete Biolucida system is needed to upload and organize virtual slides and other large images such as confocal image stacks. Biolucida can:


  • Support many types of image data acquired with slide scanners and microscopes
  • Handle hundreds of simultaneous users
  • Integrate with Blackboard, Moodle, and Sakai